Saturday, April 2, 2016

14 Weeks (March)

 (Ella was too cute so I have 2 14 week ones above.)
I had so many pictures this week that I just made a collage of a ton of them.

Well I had 2 appointments this week. Both on the same day. The first one was the ultrasound and the baby wouldn't cooperate so I didn't get cute images. I still got images on a disk though.  That ultrasound hurt. She was really pushing to try to get images.

I have been holding off posting this because I wanted to include some ultrasound pictures but then we moved and I never set up my computer even after 2 weeks. Also even with that my computers don't have a CD drive so I'd have to use Dave's so I decided I'll just post this and eventually I'll post some crappy ultrasound pictures.  The technician made a point to say how she didn't get any cute ones so they probably aren't exciting enough to hold off this post and thus all other posts because of it.

Size of baby: Nectarine, 3.5-4 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  4.3 lb loss overall. I gained 0.5 in the past week. But the weight measurement was taken a day early.

Maternity Clothes: No.

Movement: Don't think I felt it this week.

Sleep: I'm still waking up in the night. I pee once now. But also Ella causes me to wake up and I have issues going back to sleep. I'm also waking up too early and failing at going back to sleep.

What I miss: lunch meat

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: None that I can think of. I'm still sick so that I can't think of other things.

Best moment this week: Doctor appointments and telling people. I couldn't just pick one moment. 

Looking forward to: Talking with more people about the pregnancy.  Getting the weekly posts on the blog. Finding out if we are having a boy or a girl.

Exercise: Well I missed my Monday run because I was so sick.  I taught 1 bootcamp and that was it this week.

Same this time: The weight loss is super similar. Only different by 0.1 lb.  I was waking up early both times. 

Different from last time: I had the ultrasound earlier so I got to tell people earlier. I still seemed to be a little lightheaded last time. 


  1. You're starting to show more. I love that Ella wanted to be included in the pictures.

    1. Every week. Usually I tell her to get out of my way for at least 1 full body one without her in it! Today she ran over saying "cheese" and wanting to be in the pictures.

      You should see me at night. I show way more than the morning. I could be caught up on the blog with weekly posts if it weren't for the pictures.