Friday, April 1, 2016


Ella actually slept past 6:30 am. That was nice. Dave's alarm was waking me instead of Ella. I finally slept for 8 hours.

We were supposed to have a social planning meeting here at 10 but someone running it had a sick son so it was moved. I finally got a break from that. I still had to take Dave to work but then we were able to just hang out and play.

We ate cereal together. We played legos. Ella played with play dough then had lunch.

She didn't want to nap. She was bad. She eventually napped. She was so tired we skipped preschool.  I tried to wake her but she was just so tired.  She woke up at 5:10 when Dave was sending me messages and I was telling him I didn't message him earlier because he has too many devices that make noise. And sure enough those 3 messages I sent him answering his questions woke Ella up. She was crying and scared.

Ella and I were both eating a zebra cake. So I told her to hold it up for a picture. She held it above her head. I thought it was so cute.

Then I gave her mine so she could hold them both up for pictures!

 Then we took a bite together.

 It was a little magical moment. She didn't know I just meant to hold it visible to the camera not up above her head. And then that started with some awesome bonding and we had fun!

 Ella builds tall buildings with Legos (and her shirt looks too short.
Ella goes to sleep on the floor instead of her bed! Well she's not asleep yet here as you can tell by her wide open eyes.

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