Wednesday, July 10, 2013

14 Weeks (June 29)

The 14 week picture was taken a day late because I totally forgot! I also took it right after pigging out on lunch!

During the week a friend (former friend?) posted on facebook about being annoyed with pregnancy announcements and she wanted other kind of news like about divorce. I replied to that telling her she was rude. Apparently she 2 other status updates that were similar. The most recent I only know about because another friend commented telling her how awful she was for saying that. I got it in an email since she tagged me. But the entire update is gone now so I didn't get to see it. Other people saw it because I got messages all morning telling me to ignore her and she's just jealous. I was surprised how many people actually commented about her being rude. Most just commented to me instead of telling this person to her face how rude she was. At least I had one friend tell her. Maybe she'll learn she shouldn't be so rude. Also 2 people I know defriended her this morning on fb because of it. Seems a little crazy. I am always overly excited about pregnancy announcements. Also I haven't been annoying posting about pregnancy. I posted my initial announcement with picture. Then 10 minutes after my friends first status update that was rude, I posted a link to my blog saying if people wanted to hear pregnancy updates they could go there.  I haven't posted about it since besides replying to a fb comment where someone mentioned a store with maternity yoga pants. (My status update was about my current yoga pants getting a hole and maybe I should buy new ones.) I don't think I've been excessive or annoying about it. But I guess this person only wants to hear about misery.

Size of baby: Nectarine, 3.5-4 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  4.4 lb loss overall but a 1.8 lb gain from Week 12 to 13 then lost .2 from week 13 to 14.  I tried to cut down on the amount of juice I was drinking because I read about it being bad for my teeth.

Maternity Clothes: No but some of my jeans don't fit after I eat.  To be honest, I don't get dressed much. My yoga pants still fit great. My t-shirts from elementary school still fit. Sometimes when I lounge around I do notice my shirt riding up a little bit.

Sleep: I'm still waking up in the night. I don't seem to wake up as much to go to the bathroom. I still go to sleep insanely early for me and wake up insanely early. Never in my life did I wake up at 6am without an alarm but now I do often.

What I miss: Working out without getting lightheaded or working out in general. Pepperoni in my salad.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Nothing new.  The main one now is lightheadedness. That is almost all gone too. I did get some headaches but nothing major.
Already mentioned but still going on: Thirstier, sense of smell, lightheaded, nauseous.

Best moment this week: I really enjoyed continuing to tell people.

Looking forward to: Talking with more people about the pregnancy.  Posting things on my blog.

Exercise: Nothing :(

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  1. You're nearly caught up on these posts! Sorry about that rude person on facebook. Just ignore people like that, and enjoy your happiness in your own life :)