Saturday, April 16, 2016

I'm sick AGAIN

I've been so behind on blogging and practically only get my weekly posts up and I was even delayed in those. I've been sick probably 5 or 6 times since December.

Monday morning I woke up with a sore throat.  It got worse as the day went on.  I became freezing and also wanted to pass out by night.

Sleeping was the worst. The sore throat was so so bad that it'd wake me up and I couldn't fall back to sleep it hurt so bad. I'd be breathing heavily just because I was so mad about how much it hurt and I wanted to sleep!  Normally peach tea or cough drops help but they did not. Luckily a friend gave me some Throat Coat tea a few times ago when I was sick and I never used it so I had that to use.  Eating was so painful. I knew I was not eating or drinking enough. I told Dave that I only peed 5x all day and for me that shows how little I drank because on Monday I peed 5x before the 9 am run.

The sore throat turned into a runny nose. Then that also turned into a cough.  I was so bad and miserable that I actually asked preschool if they could take her on Thursday.  I tried to get Dave to do drop off and pickup but he works late so I had to do pickup.

On Friday I ran into Safeway because I needed more honey and more tea. Besides that I have been doing nothing all week. AND that's killing me. So much needs to be done and I have so many things coming up.

Saturday, I woke up with my eye mostly crusted shut so I thought it was pink eye and maybe I should see a doctor. I vaguely remember having pink eye in first grade and needing drops and being contagious for a little bit.

I went to urgent care. I got there at 8:11. Well I parked at 8:11. They opened at 8. By the time I checked in the wait was an hour to an hour and a half. So I waited 80 minutes and got seen. The doctor looked in my throat and knew immediately what it was.   Then she googled it and showed me images of what my throat looks like.  The doctor specifically showed me two but I can only remember one.  Then she did some googling and  found sites to show me things. It is Herpangina and caused by coxsackievirus.  Herpangina is the throat stuff.  The Coxsackievirus is also the virus that causes Hand Foot and Mouth that a few kids have had recently. Then I told Dave and that's the virus or similar for the thing he had when he had an ulcer on his gums and went to the dentist.  The internet seems to say it's mostly common in kids. The doctor mentioned a lot of adults have been coming in with it recently.  The doctor mentioned how painful it is. YUP.

I tried to find out how long I'm contagious for. She tried looking it up too. She was saying that it's unclear based on the sites.  Some sites also said the symptoms last 4-5 days and I've had them longer. :( Wikipedia did say 7-10 days for them to heal and I'm on day 6.  Some sites say contagious up to 2 weeks.  Also the incubation period can be 2-7 days and you are contagious during that and showing no symptoms.

The doctor mentioned hot tea and soup. The internet said avoid hot things and have ice cream and smoothies. Hot tea was the only thing working that I sipped slowly. I would even have it by my bed after 3 days of awfulness and it helped during the middle of the night even when it was cold.  But after I read the internet, I tried ice cream and it did feel good. We only had a little tiny bit though so now that's gone.

Then there's the pink eye. I'm contagious as long as I have symptoms. The internet was telling me 2-14 days for that. I'm not really sure.

Fun times.  I'm hosting 4 meet ups this week and 5 next week. Everyone was looking forward to so many of them. So not only am I bummed I'm so miserable and in pain and having issues taking care of Ella too. I'm also bummed that I have to cancel or postpone some of these. I'm not sure how long I'll be contagious for.
So this isn't a post without pictures, here is a picture of me from after I woke up from nap today!

Update: Sunday sinus headaches started.  Monday all symptoms continued. I woke up and spent a half hour coughing and hacking up stuff on Monday and Tuesday.

Update x2: Wednesday 4/20 I woke up with mild pinkeye in my left eye. First day for that eye.  The pinkeye was even milder in the initial eye.  My throat didn't hurt as bad as it has been.

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