Sunday, June 19, 2016


Ella woke up crying  at 6:40. She did seem to try to go back to sleep but I ended up getting her to cuddle to see if that'd help.

She wanted to go to the park almost immediately.

Dave asked her if she wanted to watch Dan with him. She always wants to watch Dan. If he watches any other Twitch broadcaster she complains and wants to watch Dan.  She said no that she wanted to watch Star Wars. So he turned that on. They watched for a little bit.

She had some cereal for breakfast. Then Dave had some. I wrote my weekly blog post during this time. Then I still needed to eat and she was done.

That's all I wrote initially.

 I took Ella to the park even though it was raining.

 I made this video of all the videos I took. It's a bit long so if you only watch a little make sure you go to 1:40 and watch those next 10 seconds or so.
Ella is showing her baby the park out the window.

We went to Safeway and Ella got a cart with the big car in the front. She was so excited.  It's hard to tell but her baby is strapped in beside her.

She loved driving around. I mostly pushed her but I forced Dave to do it a few times just so I got some pictures of her being so happy.

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