Wednesday, June 22, 2016


 Ella woke up at 7:25. At least I went to sleep so early so I didn't feel as awful. Dave decided to take the car since I was sick. I knew I'd never get her to nap if he did this but let him anyway.  He left at 8:15. He NEVER leaves that early any other time. I wanted him to chill with Ella to give me some more rest time. But Nope.

I gave Ella a cinnamon roll for breakfast.

We watched Curious George.

We walked to the park. She was not a happy camper. She wanted to use the big park that you cannot use during school hours. Then finally she gave up at that and was willing to use the small park and both swings were in use.  Also in there she saw a Ford Flex drive by that was identical to ours. She started flipping out that Daddy drove by and didn't stop.  She cried a good 20 minutes there. Finally we left. She cried almost the entire way. She walked a bit then I pushed her in her car. We got home and I offered that she could use the swings in the back yard. She did not want that. So much crying.  She briefly stopped when I told her she could pick where her sand box went. She dragged around the lid until she found a good spot. She picked the exact spot I was going to pick!  Right after that she decided to try to push her doll on a swing. The doll fell off and she went to pick up the doll and the swing hit her in the head. So she was back to crying.  Then I calmed her and she tried to push her doll again and this time she got hit with the swing in her mouth.  It was not a good time.  She was crying over an hour!

I heard a package get delivered. My mom said that it was for Ella so I asked Ella if she wanted a present. She got happy. But then I tried to find her iPad to have her open it on a hangout. Then she went back to flipping out and crying. (It was under Dave's open night stand drawer!)

She loved the baby. She was very impatient while I tried to get it out of the packaging. It came with a bottle. She loved that.  She spent a long time feeding it and feeding other dolls.  Once we got off the hangout she had to take off the clothes. First it was the shirt.

Then a little later she said "no more shorts" and ran off. Later I was looking for them and eventually found them in the bathroom trash can.

Ella ate a tiny bit of weenies n beans. Then ate easy mac. Then had a cinnamon roll. She finished it and said "more cinnamon roll please."  I offered her an apple instead thinking she'd say no but she said "oh yeah!!!" and got so excited.  Too bad she only took 5 bites of the apple.  But she ate so much so I guess it's understandable.

We watched some Curious George.  Then I said it was time for books then bed. We read 2. I told her I'd sing her a song and she negotiated for 2. But then she didn't like any of my song choices and I didn't know the ones she wanted so she just said "bed time" and I tucked her into bed.  I was surprised how good this went.

But then she never napped. She was in there an hour. She came to the door quite a few times. I heard her playing in there the entire time.

We played trains.  We played cars.  We rested in bed.  I didn't get my rest. She kept hitting me and jumping on me. She'd get into trouble and do it again.

Dave brought dinner home. She saw the In N Out bags and got so excited for fries. Well Dave didn't get her any.  I then offered her half my burger but she wanted the entire thing. Too bad she dipped ketchup all over it and only ate 3 bites.

Dave gave her some chips and then some chocolate and I went and crawled into bed.   They both joined me for a bit.  Then it was Ella's bedtime.

She fought bed time but was so tired.

She was probably asleep by 8. I was ready for bed shortly after but stayed up more than an hour more using my laptop.

My throat hurt so bad all day I barely ate or drank anything and then it caught up with me near dinner time when I was lightheaded and then got the chills.  


  1. Awe the story of her thinking she saw Dave is so sad :( Poor girl.

    1. It was such a sad time. I felt so bad for her.