Monday, June 20, 2016


Showing Ella her finished product for the shirt she made Gavin.

 Gio watched Ella while we had our doctor appointment.
We learned we were having a boy.
Then we had to hurry to Gavin's birthday party. We were already late. Dave refused to go. I was not taking him home to be even later so I dropped him off at the library.
There was a puddle outside that kids were jumping in so then Ella had to do it too!

Sadly this was the best picture of Ella and Gavin!
Not only did Ella jump in the puddle over and over but then she discovered the sliding glass doors that we were not using and kept trying to use them.

During Happy Birthday, Ella ran over and stuck her hand on the cake. She kept trying to sneak through in other areas to get to the cake. She could get through a lot more spots than I could.  I managed to stop her. She was being so bad. Then she got her cake and ate it so well.

Ella wouldn't leave to go to the car.
Then she said she was hiding.

Here is a video compilation of the party.
She fell asleep on the way home. Luckily I changed her clothes (mostly) in the car. I at least got all the wet clothes off.
 We went to the store. This is how Ella likes to hold hands.

 Ella got ice cream!

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