Tuesday, August 16, 2016

37 Weeks (8.14)

I'm wanting to get up and down off the ground a lot less now but Ella still wants me to do it.

Monday, Beth came over and put together the crib. I barely helped. I showed her where the directions were. Ella and Gio tried to help a lot. Once it was together, Ella wanted to go in. The next day she just climbed in herself.
I created a baby pool. Everyone should fill it out! 32 people already filled it out. I had a pool for Ella and 24 people filled that one out. The first few guesses were all guessing birth after the due date! 
I feel like we are more ready for the baby but then also like we are far from ready. I also realize I forget a lot of the baby stuff since it's been awhile since a baby. Maybe I should reread some books.  Who has time for that?

I took some pictures similar to the ones I took and posted in week 33 with athletic clothes but didn't have time to make collages yet so I'm not going to hold this post up because of that.  I still need to take new measurements.

I got my maternity photos back this week but already did a separate post on those.
Size of baby: Leek, 19.1 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 6.5 pounds.  The baby gains a half a lb a week. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 42.9 lb gain overall. I gained 2.9  in the past week.  I'm pretty huge nowadays. People keep telling me I'm all belly but they are wrong since a month ago I took my measurements and my hips were 5 inches bigger than they were 8 months ago!

Movement: This kid moves so much. 

Sleep:  It's pretty crappy. Ella doesn't like to sleep. I want to wind down after she asleep. I have trouble sleeping. I have trouble turning over in the night. Poly wakes me up and gets annoyed with me that she's started hitting me in the face to get me to wake up and turn the way she wants me to turn. Ella tends to wake up over half the nights and runs into our room. I wake up a few times to pee a night.

What I miss: I miss running and exercising. I miss being able to just hold Ella normally. It's so hard to hold her and walk with her 30 lbs + the 43 lbs I gained so far.  I miss crossing my legs!

Symptoms: My back is sore. I have trouble sleeping. I go to the bathroom a lot. I'm tired. My plantar fasciitis is bad. 

Best moment this week: I made some onesies for the baby. Ella made some too!

Looking forward to: Not being pregnant anymore. Not having back pain anymore. Actually having a baby!

Exercise:  I'm not exercising besides shopping, cleaning, and taking care of a toddler. All of which are like exercise. 

Same this time: I get lightheaded and my back is sore. This week and last time this same week I woke up middle of the night and spent 2 hours awake before falling back to sleep.

Different from last time: Last time I was reading books on pregnancy and birth and babies. I'm not doing any of that this time!


  1. Don't worry it'll all come back to you once baby is here. Yay for getting the crib together. You're getting so close now!

    1. I keep reminding Dave he has to set up the baby monitor. He asked where it was. I said he hid it so that I wouldn't make him set it up in Ella's room after we moved.