Monday, July 18, 2016

33 Weeks (July 17)

 I feel huge a lot lately. And it looks like I got huge.
I took measurements and can't believe my hips are ~5 inches bigger than they used to be! I made a collage of before I was pregnant pics and then pictures of now. Look at the difference.

I started researching what people put in hospital bags. I can't really remember anything except I packed stuff that I never used.

Three days in a row this week I drank over 80 oz of water. I don't think I ever hit that high before. I usually struggle to hit my goal of 64 oz.
I made some graphs with the weight with this pregnancy and my weight with Ella. Using google sheets is tricky and not pretty but you get the idea.
On multiple occasions when I'm sleeping my right calf will cramp up. But more often than that my right thigh locks up when my leg is straight. I have to physically use my hand to bend the leg a little to get it to go back to normal.
Side profile I thought I looked huge but this slight angle I don't look huge!

Size of baby: Pineapple, 17.2 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 4.5 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  34.3 lb gain overall. I gained 4.2 lb in the past week. I can't even believe I gained that much. I finally realized an app I thought disappeared on my phone was still there but on a different screen. So now I got to enter my weight and got to see normal weight gain is 8-16 lbs at this point. Oops.

Maternity Clothes:  The same as it's been. Still wearing non maternity PJ pants and athletic pants. The tops are maternity and some are too short to go over this belly.

Movement: The movement is fairly quick so I don't even think to tell people about it when it happens because if they tried to feel it, it's gone already. But there is lots of movement. Times I see the covers or things on me move from the movement.

Sleep:  Since I drank so much water this week, I woke up more times than normal to pee. Then Poly would wake me up a few times too. One night I just slept horribly because Ella was sleeping in big girl undies (her choice) and I just kept having nightmares about her peeing the bed or something.  I've been so tired. Ella barely sleeps. Dave has been asleep more than half the times this week by the time she went to sleep. And then she wakes me up not him.  She goes to sleep near midnight and wakes up near 8:30 but with some days 6:30. 

What I miss: Running, Crossing my legs, lunchmeat, getting up off the ground easily.

Aversions: Pretty much all food. Well not really an aversion because once it's in front of me I'd eat but coming up with what to cook has been awful because nothing sounds good.

Symptoms: Back pain, sciatica issues, groin pain, acid burps, leg cramps while sleeping.

Best moment this week: Teaching bootcamp on Friday. Earlier in the week finally having a discussion about baby names. We didn't finalize one but I feel like we might be closer. 

Looking forward to:  My shower (in a week) and joint sprinkle (in 1.5 months), buying the dresser, getting black out curtains, figuring out how to get the rocking chair from Ella's room to the baby's room and replacing it with something. 

Exercise:  I did push-ups a few times. I went for a walk (I think). I went in the pool. I taught bootcamp.

Same this time: I can't even think of anything.

Different from last time: Last time I was quite sick and my sicknesses were all earlier on this pregnancy. I never had sciatica pain with Ella.


  1. I feel like our bodies gain what they're going to gain no matter what we do. I tried harder this time not to gain as much, and I still gained nearly the same (within 10ish pounds). You'll lose the weight, don't stress! Also I think you look great :)

  2. Total Weight Gain/Loss: 34.3 lb gain overall. I gained 4.2 lb in the past week. I can't even believe I gained that much. . . . normal weight gain is 8-16 lbs at this point. Oops.

    "Oops" made me laugh. I agree with Julie. You're doing just fine.