Thursday, September 29, 2016

DIY Newborn Photos (9.21.16)

I decided to try to use my tripod and try to take some pictures with Miles. He was 11 days old here.  It was a little challenging to get into the view perfectly and getting the focus right using manual.  Then I took some of Miles lying down. He was asleep and in those he was wearing Ella's swaddle sack + blanket. Then I changed his diaper and he woke up. He was awake in the rest of the photos.
I had a little fun doing some photo editing. I had to straighten the pictures since all the ones on the tripod were off by about 10 degrees and it was too noticeable to me with the bricks in the background.
I really want to take pictures with my good camera once a week but wonder if that will happen.

 It was hard to get a feet picture with an awake baby who kept kicking his feet!

I was surprised by his head control so then I end up looking at him instead of straight ahead. My face wasn't supposed to be in the picture but it ended up being the best one with his nice head control!

Do you have a favorite? I probably take too many photos!


  1. I'm impressed you did these yourself. I can't believe how different he looks even here after just a week or two.

    1. Thanks.
      I think when most people say DIY newborn photos they mean someone behind the camera that isn't a professional. It's a little tricker with a timer or remote!