Saturday, September 3, 2016

Contractions (9/3)

After midnight so it was on September 3, I felt contractions.  On September 2, I had a lot of pain/pressure in the lower abdomen/belly for a few hours but no contractions.

I stupidly deleted the contractions in the app before emailing myself the data so I don't have the specific details of it.

I just looked at chat history and at 11:57 PM, I told Gio that these contractions were much stronger than the contractions on Sunday. So I guess I had a few before midnight.  I believe the first one I officially timed was at 12:10 but I was just looking at the time on the clock and didn't use the app. It stopped at 12:12 but not sure how far into 12:10 it started.  The next one I used my app and it was at 12:20.  So they started 10 min apart and got to about 6 or 7.

They were pretty long and intense. I took my BP between contractions. 132/57 58 and 124/64 61 (Taken at 12:04 AM then 12:08)
Then later took it during a contraction. 148/82 65 (Taken at 12:45)

I decided to get out of bed and try a new position. I still had the same level of intensity sitting and lying on my side. In bed I was on my back. When I was standing and walking during a contraction it felt stronger and then was shorter.  I was texting Gio at the time and told her I was probably going to trip so I should quit typing on my phone as I walk around our messy living room.

By 1 AM the average duration was 1:41 for the contractions. That was with timing 6 contractions. The average frequency was 7:15 by this point.

I noticed I was breathing more deeply during contractions and putting my hand on my head. It reminded me of contractions with Ella. Look at the third pic on the Birth Story post and you see my hand on my head.

At 1:15, I decided to try to sleep through the contractions. I woke up a couple times and hit start for a contraction.  The stupid cat woke me up 3x jumping on me and meowing at me.  I knew the couch was not going to work out because she was a punk. At 1:55 I went into bed and slept. I was still having some contractions but was not timing them. They'd wake me up but it felt like they were further apart when I got more relaxed sleeping.

My nights sleep sucked. I was up a lot. I felt contractions more at first. I woke up a few times and peed. Once it was daylight it was tough to fall back to sleep. I feel like once I woke up for good, there were definitely no contractions. I still had the low pressure of the night before if I was walking around.
 This is the screen shot of the contractions app.
In the morning when I woke up this is how lopsided the baby was!

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