Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welcome, Miles Newton

Miles Newton was born on September 10 at 6:29 PM via VBAC. He was 9 lb 0 oz and 21.5 inches long. Here are a few pictures. I will post more and the full story later. I am still in the hospital.  Ella loves Miles and is so excited by him!
Family picture while I was not allowed to get out of bed!
Ella holding Miles for the first time!
(We only just decided on his middle name. It was in Dave's top 3 and not in my top 3. Mike suggested it to me. Callie suggested it on fb and Dave saw it on fb and it became his number 1 choice. This post had to wait until the middle name was chosen!)

Ella's welcome post


  1. Congrats again!!! He is perfect! I can't believe he was sunny side up. I'm so proud of you getting your vbac! Love all the photos. So far I think he resembles Dave a lot. <3

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