Monday, September 26, 2016


Dave and Ella slept in from being so tired. I was getting nervous they wouldn't make it to the hospital in enough time for Ella to be acclimated before the First Day Photos.  Of course we weren't quite ready since they showed up 10 minutes early for pictures. The directions said to change outfit 15 min prior to showing up well they were early and Dave was still changing Miles's onesie when they showed up. That meant we had newborn photos with an awake baby.

Before everyone showed up, the nurses had me get up to go to the bathroom and I got lightheaded. Then they said I was not allowed out of bed. This meant I couldn't stand for any First Day Photos!

After the photos, Beth came and got Ella for about 2 hours so that Dave could be with me and also not have to deal with Ella. It was nice getting some updates from Beth on what they were up to. I didn't need that much but being stuck in bed, it was nice to have someone there. He plugged in my phone charger and laptop charger. Things like that. Otherwise he seemed to sit there and watch Twitch TV.  I think I'm probably the only one who never turned on the hospital TV.

When Beth came back I had her try to take a family photo but Ella didn't cooperate and then the nurse showed up telling me I had to go bathroom so then nobody was looking at the camera.

Then I took a few pictures on my way back from the bathroom.

Ella got a present at the hospital and she sure made a huge mess all over the floor. Then it was a huge huge ordeal getting her to clean it up.

 One of my favorite selfies!

Dave and Ella went home for a very late nap.  Then on the way back to the hospital, Dave went and picked up some food Maie made for us.  I already ate dinner so this was second dinner. I ate a decent amount of pork + rice and salad. Ella kept refilling my container for me.

Miles getting some vitals checked!

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