Sunday, September 25, 2016

Miles's 2nd Week

At 13 days old, Miles weighed in at 9 lb 15.1 oz at the doctor's office. I was shocked he weighed that much.  They measured him at 21.5 inches (which is what they said he measured at birth) but I never trust their measurements for height for Ella or for Miles so I should probably do it on my own.
Miles wears size 1 diapers because we ran out of newborn size but those would still fit.
So far he's worn a couple articles of clothing and some are newborn size and some 0-3 month size. The only pants I pulled out for him are 3 month pants and they are quite big.
I had 2 good days of sleeping and Miles slept for long stretches. Then I made the mistake of telling a few people how it wasn't so bad and then he decided to sleep for 1.5 hour stretches not 3 hour stretches!
Miles seems to have 1-2 times a day where he is up for 2-3 hour stretches.  He will nurse a few times while awake. Also he doesn't always go back to sleep when nursing and I have to rock him for awhile.
His umbilical cord stump came off and then we started tummy time. (We didn't give a bath yet because we are slackers.) The first time he was crying and hated tummy time but really he was so cold. The second time I left on his swaddle sack but unswaddled his arms and he was much happier and lifted his head right up.  This kid really hates to be cold.
I noticed something in his nose twice and instead of the bulb syringe it just came out brushing his nose with a kleenex. We haven't even used the bulb syringe yet.
We tried to give him a pacifier a couple times to see what he'd do and he just cried worse and didn't want it.

We went out to lunch (with Ella too) on Thursday and Miles slept the entire time. Then we went to Target and took forever and he slept the entire time there too.
We took Miles to preschool Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon so Ella could show her friends. Ella was so proud.
Miles got better this week at handling the flow of milk and eats for longer periods of times.  He has spit up a few times from guzzling too much too fast.  I have to burp him a few times throughout the nursing sessions.
Miles cries when Ella holds him now even if she is gentle. She hugged too hard a few too many times and now it's like he knows and is warning everyone to help him so he doesn't get a tight hug. Also sometimes she gives like 30 kisses in a row and he starts crying.

Ella's 2nd week post.


  1. Aww I'm loving these little updates. Ella is so sweet with her enthusiasm. Aurora didn't take a pacifier for the longest time. It sucked!

    1. This week he takes a pacifier. The trick was offer it when Ella isn't around since sometimes Ella freaks him out