Wednesday, February 25, 2004


all week i've been thinking once the dynamics test was over on friday that i wouldnt have much to do before spring break.... i was wrong. i have a litec memo due on monday. on tuesday i have my my genre analysis paper due, thermal homework, and dynamics hw. on wed i have dynamics hw due and urp stuff to do and also to give a presention and make a file of everything i've done up to now. on thursday i have litec homework due. i also work monday and thursday from 12-2 and i actually have to do work there and dont get to work on homework. i also work at the computer lab monday from 10-midnight and also on thursday from 6:30-10. hmmmm the worst part is that i want to work on urp stuff and not the other stuff that actually counts as a grade.

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  1. kbredxiii (LiveJournal)February 25, 2004 at 2:37 AM

    Imo and from listening to others, urp is just as valuable as your grades! (especially when looking for a job)

    So def enjoy the urp work!! maybe think of classes as training in order to be more knowledgable, efficient, and productive when doing research.

    After working this summer, I really didn't want to go back to classes, much rather would have kept on working. You'll do geat in the end, just keep woking on finding that balance.

    Stay Happy!

    Rock on w/the semester!