Wednesday, October 25, 2006

business trip

i'm in CT now.
that flight was the worst ever. my ears killed me. the last half hour or so were the worst. it took about 20 min after i got off the plane for my ears to get back to normal.
the plane was so small. i had 3 seats across. the aisle was not wide enough for 2 people to pass. it was funny watchign a guy walk to the bathroom and then someone being in it so they both have to back up ot one of their seats in order for the other guy to go buy. the seats were sos mall they looked like miniature seats. the flight was also quit bumpy at the landing. everyone was talking about how it was the worst flight they've been on (the landing was). i've only flown 4 other times so i dindt have much to compare to but some of these guys are in their forties and have traveled a lot.

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