Thursday, October 19, 2006


ok this is a felicia only post. i hope i did it right.

so excluding this week because the meals have been crazy at work. i've been eating healthier lunches. i'd take green peppers and carrots with my lunch (if i had both. i run out of green peppers first) most nights i don't snack at all after dinner. i still need to work on healthier dinners. it doesnt' help that pb doesnt eat anything healthy and then i have leftovers forever and a year. he also doesn't eat leftovers on stuff he likes the first time. so if it's unhealthy i still end up eating leftovers for awhile. i've started doing crunches again. most of the time i do them while i watch tv. i brought my weights upstairs to start lifting. i've only done that twice. i need to put together my heavier barbell so i can do things like squats and have them mean something. i walk everyday at lunch at work. so that's monday through friday. usually i do at least 20 min of some type of exercise each day on the weekend even if it is only vacuuming that is hard work.

i need to work on what to eat for breakfast. i eat breakfast at work. i take it in. usually i have multiple honeybuns or something so i dont have to take something in daily. i can't think of what else now but i have to get downstiars. i have food in the oven (broccoli and cheese thing)


  1. elcaminogirl (LiveJournal)October 19, 2006 at 8:37 AM

    Doing crunches while watching tv is a good idea. I think I'm gonna start doing that. Max might want to get in on the fun though. Do you eat anything else besides carrots and green peppers at lunch? You should at least dip the carrots in peanut butter to get some type of nutrient (I'm not sure what, but I know it's good). I went to sams club and bought a big box of oatmeal packets. You could buy a box and take it to work. I have oatmeal on the mornings that I have time. When I don't have time I just have a breakfast bar. Tell pb he's too picky. Does he cook? If not, just cook what you want (i.e. healthy stuff). Also, cut the recipe in half if it's not food from a box. If it is food from a box and there's lots of left overs, just eat it for lunch the next few days. Hell, I'll take the leftovers! I love leftovers!!

  2. smilincolleen (LiveJournal)October 19, 2006 at 10:58 AM

    oh a sandwich. sometimes a small snack. those 2 things aren't healthy so i didnt' mention them.

    i tried cereal bars before. i wasn't a big fan. i also tried granola bars too.

    pb doesn't cook. but i tend to cook one day then i still have leftovers. then th enext day we end up going out ot eat or something and i have leftovers from that. then i have tons of leftovers while pb has none so then we end up making something new or going out again or something and then food goes bad.

    we'll both cook pasta together or something. really it's easy but we're both in the kitchen. he hates angel hair. he likes it very el dente. he won't eat any leftovers. he also gets mad when i eat leftover pasta around him. he says the smell is disgusting. he has eaten food that i couldnt stand the smell of but i didnt' yell at him and tell him to get away like he does with me. but like last time we bought ziti for variety. well it sucked so bad leftover that i threw it away. the pasta was so thick i couldn't stand it.

    right now in the fridge i have leftover what i made tonight..brocolli and cheese thing. i also have bbq pork my mom brought on saturday and 2 hot dogs from the grill (1 is pb's), and spaghetti sauce. i saved it since we could make the raviolis we have and have enough sauce. i also have half the peanut butter and chocolate (hollywood squares) dessert left.

  3. elcaminogirl (LiveJournal)October 19, 2006 at 12:27 PM

    Personally, I wouldn't cook until all the leftovers are gone. I'll eat the same dinner two or three days in a row. Then I'll cook something new.

  4. smilincolleen (LiveJournal)October 19, 2006 at 2:22 PM

    sometimes leftovers last a week. i'll eat them for lunch and dinner. you get sick of them.

  5. elcaminogirl (LiveJournal)October 21, 2006 at 2:20 AM

    I hear ya there.