Saturday, January 27, 2007


I stayed up too late. i made a list of dates that i want to scrapbook. i know i cropped some already. i dont know if i printed them. i have to now make a list of the ones i already cropped, the ones i printed, theni can later make a list of the oens i put in order and then the ones i got scrapbooked.

i did have an excel file of dates, events, and then all the above information or i'd put the date and event and put no if i wasn't going to scrapbook it. i haven't updated that since summer of 05 though. the excel file wasn't as useful as i thought it was. it took too many pages to print out and i'd never keep it updated.

i believe i already have enough pictures put in order to be able to scrapbook the full day the next time i'm at the all day scrapbooking (February 10). actually i have more than i'd finish. i have learned it's much better to go in order so you know if it will start w/ a left side or start w/ a right side. i hate when i assume one and it's the other then i'd have this blank space if i didn't put things in out of order.

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