Friday, May 18, 2012


I telecommuted.  That meant I got to work longer than on a normal work day. I think other people think telecommuting means they get to slack off.  I even meant to put in laundry during the work day but I never did it.

I ran after work. Dave said I could mow or cook dinner. I chose to cook dinner and then I made hot dogs and no sides. I sure knew how to cheat it.

I had a to do list but Dave made me watch Game of Thrones.  That put me right to sleep. I ended up going upstairs and staying up 2.5 more hours. I was mad about that. I watched some TV in bed then played solitaire.

I randomly noticed a cut on my finger.


  1. Hahaha. (Re: dinnercheating)

    Unrelatedly, what program do you use to make all your photo collages - I've always meant to ask that, and you've probably already addressed it somewhere on your blog, but I'm asking now, anyway.

  2. I make the collages in picasa. The free program they have. You can upload directly to picasa web albums/google plus that way but I like the photo editing it does on the quick.