Friday, May 18, 2012


I woke up at 2am with a stomach ache. That kept me up until after 3am.  When I woke up, Poly stole my seat so I sat there and petted her. Between her butt and Dave, I had about 4 inches to try to squeeze in.
Poly cuddled right up to me.  After awhile she cuddled around my arm too. Once that got sore, she relocated to cuddle up against my legs.
I woke up around 8.  I went running with Megan at 9.  I got home and helped my brother load the van until 11am. I got lightheaded then so had to take a break. (I was holding Poly and couldn't do it anymore so I sat down then leaned back and Poly stayed with me the entire time.) I ate lunch. I was still weak. I watched a TV show trying to get better.  Then I napped. After the nap I felt better.   Dave and I then worked on organizing the garage and cleaning my car.
I was going to mow after that but realized I didn't  have enough time.
This is why I shouldn't size up when I bought my skinny jeans.(Just a little too loose)

We headed to the Toastmasters party for 6pm.  The house was on a crazy hill. We were out on a deck and it was scary high for me. The party had very little food. I couldn't believe it. I realized a lot lately I haven't believed how little food parties have. My family always has 10x too much so it's quite a difference.  We were outside and the mosquitoes were loving us.  They mainly loved Dave and me but after 3 hours other people said they were getting bit up too. Then we made it inside and watched some Roller Derby reruns. A few people there play.

On our way home, Dave and I stopped at Campesinos we were so hungry. Dave went to yum after that.

We got home and I used my computer for 10 minutes and then played solitaire in bed.

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