Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was going to wake up to run with a running group but I did the math and wouldn't make it to my parents on time. I thought I could run on my own and still run and just not have the 40 min drive each way to the running group. Well I didn't run at all.

Then I was going to mow. I started to mow but after I fell twice and hit my face off the mower handle I quit. 

We went to my parents for lunch. We ordered pizza and went to a park to eat. The rain made it so we were almost the only people in the park. 

After that we hung out.  We went to Kerber's. Then my family came to my house to load the rest of Timmy's junk to take to my parents.  That took awhile. We didn't get to talk as much. 

My parents left at 7:30 then I sat there wanting to be productive. I went up to my room to clean but just used my computer. I wanted Dave and I to be productive together but he was not having any parts of it so then it made me not want to be productive. 

He came up to my room and sat there so I could work and talk to him. I like doing that. I work way better with someone around. But then he turned on Starcarft and I couldn't actually talk to him. 

I got bored with working and sat there and just stared. I wanted to take breaks to check my email but couldn't. Some book shelves are organized but the surface of my desk is really messy though.

At 10:30 we called it quits so I could check my email and then go to sleep.

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