Thursday, May 31, 2012


Cardigan: NY&Co.
Dress: Dress Barn
Shoes: Kohl's (Mudd)
Earrings: Target

I didn't belt my cardigan. Aren't you proud of the variety?
So far I've worn this dress 3 times and I have owned it about a month.

I was at work for a long time but got very little work done.
I had a 2 hour breakfast to award a scholarship winner. After lunch I had an NA-YGN meeting. Following that I had another one. All of those are not considered work things and all were on the same day. Between all that everyone was coming to my desk to talk to me about leaving work.  Apparently everyone is really shocked so they come talk to me about it.

I set up a future time email to people at work so they heard it from me that I was leaving and heard why. It's funny that once I sent that then nobody came to talk to me. Yet in the email I told them to make sure they said bye.

I ran with Jen after work around the loop at work. I'm really good at not even looking at my data anymore. I haven't documented my data all month. At least it is all on my Garmin so I can go back and look to fill out my workout goals and to fill out my running excel file.

I picked up Moe's for dinner.
After dinner I started applying for jobs. Well after we finished watching the TV show that we were watching during dinner.  It took a couple hours and I already had the links saved. Some sights just want so much information right away.
I of course played Solitaire in bed. I cover my head with the covers so the light doesn't wake Dave up. I'm too accommodating.

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