Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Shoes: Macy's
Pants: VS
Shirt: Kohl's

I slept in extra knowing I had to be at home until 8 to meet the painter. I ended up ready by 7:15. I did a bad job sleeping in extra. Some days I'm not even ready until 7:30.  I ended up blogging a little  when I was killing time.

The painter showed up and Poly was immediately wanting to be the center of attention.  I left for work.
On the way to work I saw a truck where someone wrote "My Drive Beats me."  I thought it was just too funny to pass up.  I took a picture of my Trophy stand at work. (The nachos are from dinner.)

I went to Aviva for lunch and man were the meatballs good. I want to go back again.

After work I ended up leaving and Dave and I skipped the gym so we could go home then go to the car dealer to see what he would offer me for my car.  It was low.  Then we headed to Atrias for dinner.
Finished paint job
After that Dave mowed and I weedwacked.  Man that weedwacker makes my back hurt.
Then I was blogging and speech writing.   I put laundry in during all this too. I put laundry in before we mowed and for some reason the washer and dryer took so long that almost 3 hours later and the 2nd load was still in the dryer.


  1. I'm glad you call a weedwacker what it's supposed to be called, instead of a weed-eater or string-trimmer.

    1. I never heard those last 2. but when I type weedwacker it always underlines it in red so sometimes I make it 2 words to not have it be red. Sometimes I don't though.

    2. I guess you could hyphenate. Weed-wacker still gets the red underline, though.