Friday, May 25, 2012

5.7 - Casual

I went for the casual outfit since I was still somewhat sore or expected to be sore from the marathon. My feet hurt so I went with flats.
Pants and Shirt: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Skirt: Target
I woke up with a low weight. I guess the exhaustion of the marathon and the exhaustion of the day so I barely ate wasn't good. I was probably dehydrated too.

Dave and I carpooled. I somehow managed to get ready on-time.   Dave, Paulo, and Jen went to DiBella's for lunch.  I actually ate my entire hoagie.

After work we went to a picnic for Dave's group. Well it was for his project at work. The project lasted 7 years. I think he only worked on it 5 of those years though. He got his first Westinghouse Jacket as a reward. Dave tells me the original schedule had the project completion date in 2001 but it didn't even start until 2005.  They gave out lots of silly awards. They looked for ways they could mock anyone.  Dave got the "Name that Tune" Award and the story they told was that he said he could learn some new programming language in a week.
We got home around 8pm and I started writing my race recap. I wrote that and read some blogs and next thing I know it was 2am. The only picture of Poly of the day was taken near 1:30 AM.

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