Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pittsburgh Marathon - Part 3 (5.6.12)

I already wrote about Part 1 and Part 2.
I got the heat panel for shade not warmth.
When I finished, I got water. I didn't have any sense of accomplishment. I just had a thought of not being able to wait to find shade. If you want to see video of me finishing go to about 3:48-3:50 in this video. If I would have known there was a camera off to the right I would have finished closer to that side because I like evidence of me finishing. I put some screen shots of the video at the end here.

When I was in the finish shoot, I got water. I got my medal. Then I actually went over to get my picture taken. I didn't do that last time. I got some food. I checked my texts. I had one from Jen telling me where she was.  I got more water and headed to her. I saw a girl that I had passed back and forth a few times on the race but she did not look as dead as me. I mean my face started to look salty at mile 13 and nobody else's did.  We talked a bit. I read her bib number to try to remember to look her up later.  I didn't get her name then but it is Kelli. I did remember she was from York and this is her second marathon. Her first one was the Philadelphia Marathon.  She did better than me in both. She was also not injured in either one. She ran Philly in 4:30:07. (She told me 4:30 was her goal.)  After talking to her a bit, I said I had to head off and meet my friends.

I got even more water on my way out and saw RL and Sarah there. RL came and talked to me. I told him when Adrienne and I split off and when I saw Ibrahim. He reported back to Sarah.  I tried to call Jen over and over. I couldn't text her because my phone was in hate mode from all the water from fire hydrants.

Well I called her a few times. Then my phone rings. I'm still 90% dead and want to fall over. I don't want to stand up straight. So I'm going to answer the phone and only assume it is Jen. I answer and it was clearly not Jen. It was a work call!  I answered saying "I just ran a marathon and just finished 4 minutes ago and I'm dead. Can I call you back later?" If I would have been with it, I would have looked who was calling me but I only assumed Jen and answered.  She did call me less than a minute later and she joined up with me. I did not find shade though so I was still miserable.
Jen and I sat waiting for Ibrahim to finish. We saw Adrienne but she went off to sit in the shade and I was still trying to find Jen.
Ibrahim just gets there and look at how much pain he looks like he was in.
Now look at my face here. I look like I'm staring right at the camera yet I had no idea Jen's husband took any pictures. My skirt has spandex built in under neath. I probably should have cropped this picture but oh well.
After I sat there for a bit I decided to head home. I walked. I didn't know which way to walk. I had no idea where I was. Sarah told me to walk on Liberty but I didn't know where that was. I could have looked at the map on my phone but instead I called Dave on it.  Then I got a beep. I thought it was Adrienne. It was really RL. He was back at his car and thought she'd be there. He waited for her 30 minutes and she still wasn't back so he called me to see if I had seen her. I went off to look for her. I guess they also got separated when she went to look for shade. She stayed in the shade waiting for him and he assumed she headed back to the car.   After a bit he called me back and he found her so I quit looking and headed a direction maybe to the car.  I was talking to Dave at this point on the phone. I lost cell reception a few times so I sat in the shade and talked to him. I asked him if I should go straight or right (mind you he had no idea where I was and I didn't tell him street names). I told him I guessed straight. Next thing I know Sarah and Ibrahim come walking down the street so I get off the phone with Dave and say I will follow them. I know we parked in the same garage. They turned left! I didn't even think about a left. I got 3 feet further from where I was sitting and could see PNC Park so I would have known to turn that way.  But I tell people I have no sense of direction or where I am and they think I'm joking but here I was going to turn right or straight but it was really left.

I got to the car and checked facebook to see the messages and glanced at my email, then I headed home. Where I parked 2 years ago was much better. I parked at Mellon something or other 2 years ago and this year I parked at North Shore Garage (Alco Parking) and it was more expensive and a lot more traffic to get on 279 to get home.
You can tell when I stopped running and started not caring and just walking based on my BodyMedia fit data. You can also see a slight peak in the calorie burn at the very end when I ran a lot faster.
When I got to my car after the race, I already had an email from my dad with my splits emailed to me. (I didn't actually look until I got home.) He compared them to a coworker of his. His coworker was ahead of me for the 10k and half splits but then I passed him for the other splits and I finished ahead of him. He took it out way too fast and really died. I thought I was bad with my 2:31 mile range but his had to have been worse. So you wonder where I get my addiction to numbers, now you know that is is from my dad. I emailed him my spreadsheet with my splits every .25 figuring that he'd like to see it. I told my mom I emailed it to him and he'd like it. I didn't think she'd care for it and she didn't ask. Sometimes I send my dad emails with all numbers and then I send my mom an email about the same thing but I describe things and leave out numbers.
My armband was all cruddy after that race.
I got home and just like after the half I had to type some stuff so I sat down and made wet prints on my chair. I did only sit there for a few minutes and then I showered. Dave said it even stunk out in the hall so I needed to shower before he would talk to me.
While I napped, Poly didn't hang out with me. She likes Dave better.
After I showered, I wanted to eat but just grabbed a small snack of cheese and crackers. I figured I had to eat something to get enough energy to eat more. My calves were killing me and I heard compression socks help after long runs. Well I napped a little in Dave's reading chair then napped in bed but it was more of a toss and turn and be in a lot of pain and hate the socks nap. According to my BodyMedia fit I napped about half the 2 hours that I was lying down.  Dave woke me up at 6 because I told him to. I had to log into work. I took off the socks and he gave me 1 Advil. I put on normal socks. Right away my calves were feeling better and then they got a lot better. I think the compression socks were worse for me.

After I did my little bit of work, Dave cooked for me. It was too exhausting to eat so I only ate half of everything. I ate 1 slice of bacon, 1 slice of toast, 1 egg, and half the hash browns. (Half the toast pictured was buttered for Dave.

Since I napped, I ended up doing laundry and blogging and looking at data and staying up past 11 PM.
If you watch the video you see me coming in pretty fast. I look pretty even with the 2 people beside me in both of these screen shots but when I watch the video and stare for me it seems like I'm coming in really fast.
My official time was 4:31:56. So I was 2 minutes off from my revised goal.  You can look at the official results to look up everyone you know that ran. It is rather interesting to see. Looking at my stats it makes me made I decided I didn't care while running. I have so much more potential and my 50k shows that.

During the race I had the tracker update my facebook, twitter, and my email with my stats.  I've copied them below. It is interesting to see how much I tanked. When I just looked at my 20 mile time and projected time I gave a big sigh. 
Colleen McCloskey at the 10K point in 1:00:17.
Pace: 9:42 min/Mile.
Estimated Finish Time: 4:14:19.
Estimated Time of Arrival: 11:51:43.

Colleen McCloskey at the Half point in 2:09:05. Pace: 9:51 min/Mile.
Estimated Finish Time: 4:18:15.
Estimated Time of Arrival: 11:55:34.

Colleen McCloskey at the 20MI point in 3:26:21.
Pace: 10:19 min/Mile.
Estimated Finish Time: 4:30:29.
Estimated Time of Arrival: 12:07:56.

Colleen McCloskey at the FINISH point in 4:31:56.
Pace: 10:22 min/Mile.
Time of Arrival: 12:09:21.

Update: I forgot to mention that right after the finish I thought that if that was my first marathon there was no way I'd do another marathon or have done a 50k. I wouldn't have realized it was all from the sun and just a little due to not training. I would have just thought all marathons were as miserable as I was in that one so now I am very glad that I did the Philadelphia Marathon this year.  But then again that marathon helped me running with pain and then I keep my injury for 2+ months because I keep running on it.


  1. Congratulations on finishing a tough race! It sounds like a lot of recent marathons got slammed with unseasonably warm weather. Even though you walked a bit, you still had a great overall average pace! 10:23 is something to be proud of!

    I also really liked that you broke up the race into three posts. I felt like I was running the marathon with you (except I was sitting at my desk and drinking coffee, which is a lot easier). :)

    1. Thanks. You read them all at once so it was almost like 1 big post.

      Most races recently have been really hot but then in the weeks between it's been 30 degrees so then it's even worse. We don't get time to get used to warm weather.

      I'm half proud and half bummed. Well more like 1/3 proud and 2/3 bummed about the race. I'm more mad at myself for not caring during the race than finishing at 4:32.

  2. Great job! I ran as well and like you started to feel the heat around mile 12. It was brutal!!!! But it was my first and I'm glad I did it. Contests on completing a tough race with a great time ... Lots of people I know were 15-20 minutes off their expected or goal paces due to the heat.

    1. Thanks. The heat was awful. I was 17 off my goal.

  3. I can't believe how little shade you had. It looks like you guys were getting roasted the whole time.

    Has your injury/overuse pain subsided any?

    1. We were getting roasted the entire time. It sucked!!!! (yes I did mean to use more than one exclamation point)

      Well I can't really tell unless I run far which I haven't. I might run 8 tomorrow and I'll let you know.