Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I had to pick up my race packet.  Then we went to Haufbrahaus. We were meeting my parents and were early so we walked around a bit and played near the fountain.

My pants weren't meant for sitting so I labeled them when I got home so I dont' get tricked again.

We had garbage bags with clothes in them for Goodwill in the hallway.  I started going through clothes without trying them on first. I just went by memory.  Normally I try them on and photograph them but I just went through things on a whim.  I didn't get rid of nearly enough stuff though.

I forget what I did all evening. I do know I wasn't nervous. I didn't get all my race stuff ready nearly early enough in the evening.
Jeans: Express (but Curvy fit. Curvy fit is too high waisted for my gut)
Shirt: VS

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