Saturday, January 12, 2013

1.2.13 - Cleaned

Dave woke me up after I fell asleep on the couch. I had enough sleep for a full nights sleep but still went back to sleep. Poly slept with me. When Dave woke up, she visited him. Then he left, and she came back and we slept for 2 hours.  I got up and my calves were so tight. I knew that calf machine that I never used before would do me in.
I took some pictures of our messy apartment before cleaning to actually show what the difference was.  Usually Dave doesn't notice.
I cleaned up the kitchen (see bottom right picture in collage) and did a few things on my computer. Before I knew it, it was 4 PM. The day sure flies. I had all these intentions to actually get stuff done once Dave went back to work but I slept past 10AM so that took up a lot of my day. Also I woke up and was replying to emails and that took until 11 AM.
While Dave was home, the kitchen and entire apartment became a mess. When he's home, I clean less and it gets messier. He makes a mess too and I don't feel like taking the time to clean it up when he's there.
As soon as Dave got home we headed to the gym. We walked over and back even though he wanted to drive over. While leaving there were many cars in the turning lane to get into the parking lot. We would have been stuck waiting if we drove.  We only did weights because our leg muscles are sore from yesterday.
On our way back we stopped at Boudin's so Dave could get dinner. I had leftover spaghetti.  We watched Rachel and Lawrence. Dave was exhausted after the gym. (Just look at him sit in that chair.) Then it was computer time. I sporadically jumped between cropping pictures, blogging, and making new 2013 exercise files. Oh and playing some games like minesweeper randomly in the middle there.  After I was done at my computer, I played games on my iPad in bed. I stayed up too late but by comparison it is nothing like how late I was staying up back in September and October.

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