Friday, January 4, 2013


Necklace: F21, Sweater and Jeans: Express, Jacket: NY&Co, Purse: JCP, Shoes: Famous Footwear
These jeans are nice because they fit me when I'm fat, but they are also so annoying. Notice the seam in the left picture. It goes toward the front of my foot. It is so annoying. I have a few pairs of pants that the seams are off. I don't know how this is possible. If the seam is off is everyone else super annoyed like I am?  See the right picture if I tug a bit at the knee I can get it to look right.
I woke up close to 10. I didn't sleep well so I was tired. I got to entering data on my computer. Dave claims I should do something else.  Near noon Dave asked if I wanted to walk to Boudin's with him for lunch. I said no because that would require getting dressed.  He went alone but wished I would have kept him company. Once he got back I went to eat my bagel with cream cheese and our cream cheese was moldy (even though it hadn't expired yet.) So then I got dressed and went to Trader Joe's.  Man was it packed.
I came back, ate it, then went for a walk with Dave.  We went all around and went to Sprouts on our way home. We didn't have any canvas bags so we didn't plan to buy much. I saw cinnamon and sugar butter and bought it. I expect it to be quite good and can't wait to eat it. (Look they sell DeLallo's around here but look how expensive.)

Then I went back to adding data for awhile.
Dave wanted to get Boston Market for dinner. I still had leftovers to eat but I decided to get it with him since he wanted it.  After we got home,  I talked to my  mom and everyone on the phone on speaker phone.  Then I went back to adding data.  Close to 8PM, we did a google+ hangout and opened presents. That seemed to take awhile. A lot of talking was involved. I even tried on my new shirt to show them.  We were staring at the laptop for the hangout and Poly just came right over and got in the middle of it all. So we joined the hangout on Dave's phone to show everyone what Poly was up to.  I took some screen shots during the hangout. I hope we never have to open presents via Google+ hangout again. (Because I want to be together not because anything is wrong with hangout.)  After all that I talked to my mom on the phone for awhile. I think we got off close to 10pm.  (1 AM her time and she had to start cooking by 8am so she wouldn't be getting much sleep.)
Then I went back to adding more data. Here's a graph I've been making of my progress. Can you tell when I've slept? So far I have done all of 2010, 2011, and 2012 (up to where we are), and 1 month in 2009. I'm working backwards. My photo quality was poorer back then and I only took 1 picture so sometimes I can't even see my shoes or decipher what shoes they are.  It is quite sad.

Note: An article is a thing like pants, a shirt, necklace, etc. Outfits are the shirts and pants. Accessorized Outfits are the Outfit + shoes and jewelry (and maybe jacket).  Dates are what dates I've done.  I can have more than one Accessorized Outfit on a day. (Oh if I wore 2 outfits in 2010 or 2011, I don't have a second one added since I was only going by my calendar site at the moment.)

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