Saturday, January 5, 2013


I slept with Poly at the foot of the bed.  Dave woke me up.
I had a bagel for lunch.  We saw these people outside with santa hats on. One wearing red and a red hat and the other wearing green and a green hat.  It was very weird.  I knew I should get dressed right away. I knew my mom would call to facetime with me and I wouldn't be ready but I wanted to finish the show we were on.
And sure enough, they were ready and I was still in my PJs.  We spent about an hour doing google+hangout with the family.  I showed them pictures from my picasa album.  They started leaving before I was done. Then we were just getting set up with another hangout device to show my aunt our apartment and they got up to leave. Oh well. My mom had texted me to get on a hangout 10 minutes before we started but I didn't see it. My iphone was on the texting screen from texting with my brothers so then when the screen goes out and you get new texts you aren't warned about them.  Then she gave me a hard time for taking so long. It took until my dad called on the phone to tell me to get on the computer. My mom said they were busy doing other stuff anyway but then later she blamed everyone leaving before I was done on how it took me so long to get on.  Once everyone left my parents stayed on and talked to me for more than an hour more.  Dave got on the hangout from the office after awhile. My mom was surprised he didn't ditch everyone sooner since in person he ditches everyone.  Dave and I stayed on the hangout for an additional hour playing sporkle.
(Bottom picture of my mom was her recreating her pose from a few years earlier.)
I don't remember what I did from 5PM on.  The picture of the yogurt lid is to show how Dave just leaves things around and doesn't even clean up after himself anymore.

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