Monday, January 14, 2013


Poly woke me up. She wanted me to scoot a little to my right to give her some room to sleep to my left.  I did but then I was stuck there with her. I read emails on my phone for a bit. Then I managed to reach my iPad and I played games.  Finally she got up so I went and got my laptop. I don't know why but I climbed back in bed. I think I liked the warmth of the afghans.  Well next thing I know, Poly is back cuddled up with me.
I finally got out of bed at 1 and made toast and had spaghetti sandwiches again. Now I'm out of leftovers.  I cleaned  up the living room. I put in laundry. I cleaned the bathrooms. I read facebook. I was mostly productive. (The top picture is from January 2.)
As soon as I put the load in the dryer, I headed to the gym. I specifically didn't plan to run because my calves are still bothering me.  I read while using cardio equipment. I didn't even finish a chapter. I don't like long chapters.  I thought the dryer would be done so I was only gone for 45 minutes.  The dryer wasn't done. I continued to read.  I started with 10 minutes on the elliptical. I was thirsty and it doesn't have a pause so then I decided to switch to the bike. I did 20 minutes on the bike. I was surprised how sweaty my tank top was when I was done with that. I decided if I ran on the treadmill for only a half mile that would help my mileage goal for the month a little but not kill my calves and if I was reading, I'd be running slow so I decided to run a half mile.  Granted with that half mile now I've run 7.2% of the miles I need for the month but we are 12.9% of the way through the month.  I added 2 new columns to my excel spreadsheet to keep track of those percentages. OK actually I added 4 columns. 1 with the running total of the miles I ran, one with the day in the month because I didn't a better way to do it, then the two with the percents calculated based on the other new ones.

I used my computer until Dave got home. We were about to head to the gym when my mom wanted to know if we wanted to do a Google+ Hangout with my aunt. We did that. I think we were talking over an hour. Then we headed to the gym.  The gym was way less crowded.  It took us 10 minutes to walk over. I lifted weights for 39 minutes. After Dave said we were done and I was leaving, I hit split and realized it was 39 minutes. I should have just gone another minute to make it an even 40.  We sure walked slower on the way back. Dave was exhausted.  I continued to time it. I stopped the timer when we went in Boudin's to get Dave a sandwich. Man they took FOREVER. We even saw his sandwich done and sitting there for many minutes before they even looked at it to get it to him.  I also stopped the timer when we went in Trader Joe's. We went for Cookie Butter but also got pub cheese. They only had crunchy cookie butter. Dave asked someone there and they are out of it and don't know when they will get it in.The guy in front of me bought 3 gars of the crunch cookie butter. The cashier knew we were talking about the blue lid cookie butter when we mentioned they were out of the normal one. She seemed shocked.  I guess everyone loves Cookie Butter. Perhaps it was my post raving about it :) (Probably not since that post only had 35 hits but I can pretend.) Our walk home took 11 minutes so my second workout was an hour.
We watched TV when we got home and finally had dinner. I made Jack Daniel's BBQ pork. I love that stuff.   Poly hung out with me while we watched TV.

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