Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cookie Butter

I recently discovered Cookie Butter.  I have been raving about it on facebook so I thought I'd write about it.  Dave and I were shopping on November 27 and he saw Cookie butter. He read the side panel and said we had to try it. 

After we got home, he snacked on it. I was eating something else.  He was using pretzel crisps and dipping them right in the jar.  After a few minutes, I hear Dave say something about needing to take that jar away from him and then he put on the lid and tossed it onto the couch.  I wasn't even going to eat any but after that display, I thought I had to try it.  On my first bite, I was about to say something about it not being that addictive but then I said "Oh god this is good."  I wanted to post on facebook about it but I couldn't even stop eating long enough to type.  I did eventually get it posted but it took minutes.   Dave left a comment to my status update, "Don't buy this. I'm pretty sure I ate through my gym workout in 5 minutes."  I wanted to make pancakes to try it on but I still haven't done that.
Someone mentioned Peanut Butter when talking about the nutrition facts so I went and took pictures for comparison.  The Cookie Butter has fewer calories but a lot more sugars.
After 2 sittings of both Dave and I eating it, we ate half the jar. I can't believe the jar is 27 servings. 

I was looking up Cookie Butter online to provide more information to people and I found this nice article and my favorite part was "In fact, one tablespoon contains 90 calories, six grams of fat, and five grams of sugar. Two tablespoons of this stuff and you're going to feel pretty satisfied. Or you will eat a third of the jar in one sitting. There's probably no in between." 

Have you ever had cookie butter? What do you think of it?  I'm torn between recommending it because it is awesome or telling you to avoid it or you will get addicted. 

Update: I forgot to include a picture of how much we ate as of 11/30


  1. I don't like it - I haven't had the TJ version, but I have had the Biscoff version - it's just not my thing. Everyone else I know likes it, though - Jeremey likes to put it on a cinnamon sugar graham cracker, then put Nutella on that. Ha!

    1. Was there something specific you didn't like about it?

      I don't like Nutella. I don't like things tasting like chocolate (or chocolate really).