Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weight Graphs & BodyMedia Fit Data

Most of you know I keep a weight graph. I started it back in 2003 but lost the file so I'm missing a few years of data in the middle so most graphs only go back to 2006. I just now realized, they go back over 6 years of complete data and 10 years of incomplete data. Crazy.  These graphs are all on my site, but I don't elaborate on them at all like I will below so that's why I'm making a post about them now.
Sometimes on this blog I mention how I started losing weight around the time I found out I was going to move. I even dropped to my pre-wedding weight for the first time (graph at end for proof.)  I've also mentioned that I started watching TV nonstop around August/September. Look at the weight graph when that happened. Insane.
The weekly graph shows how steep it is a little more. And you can see I became more stable more recently. I did stop watching TV all day, every day so that stopped my weight gain but I didn't start to loose weight yet. 
The monthly graph used to always be my favorite. In April 2009, I joined the gym and I steadily went down every single month for awhile. I liked that. In the spring of 2011, I started increasing. I was injured and even after I was done being injured, I still kept gaining until I visited Callie. I have said I need a Callie visit to drop this weight now. She'd probably have it off me and more within a week. She's so active that I was constantly on the go.
My steps over time are interesting to look at. In the spring of 2010, I was training for my first half marathon and I mostly followed a training plan. My steps are higher on average (the black line) than they are later when I was training for longer races even though later on I'd have specific days that were much higher.  More recently my number of steps took a huge dive. I even wear my armband all day everyday now. In the summer of 2010 and 2011, I didn't wear the armband in public when it was visible and it was always visible if I wore short sleeves.   It's interesting how all this data helps tell a little bit of a story of my life. I also need to run longer than a 50k if I ever want to have a new maximum number of steps.
Sleep duration is something that has increased since I stopped working. I was always fairly consistent with a few days of almost nothing.  Granted when I spent a million hours watching TV, some of that time, the armband thought I was sleeping so maybe it didn't increase as much as it shows.
This shows the number of calories I burn a day. I feel like I was fairly consistent for almost two years and it would actually have been longer but since I didn't wear my armband all day in the summer of 2010, it didn't show how much I'd burn at work when I was zipping around to meetings. then just look at that drop off starting around August of this year.  I've been saying I got fatter because I was burning about 500 calories less a day than I had been before and this is evidence to that. It actually looks like more than 500 so I was just being kind when I said 500. Even though I may have been eating fewer calories it wasn't the full 500 so the weight was just piling on.
Body Media fit does moderate activity and vigorous activity. For me I really only get vigorous activity when I'm running. I get moderate activity all the time. I get it when I'm cleaning sometimes. I get it when I'm walking. I sometimes get it when I'm in social situations. Three years worth of data is hard to see on one graph, but I like it because it just shows that there isn't as much recently at all. 
To be able to see the physical activity a little better, I did weekly averages.
Then I did monthly averages. In July of this year I had a lot of moderate activity with all the unpacking I was doing. In August, I ran 55 miles so I did pretty well there but I also started to fall off the exercise wagon. Then in September I never did anything. I barely slept. I didn't leave the couch. All that shows. In November and December, I started walking to the store a lot more. Well that is also partly because Dave started driving to work daily so I couldn't drive to the store if I wanted to. I did start walking to Sprouts more often to buy fresh vegetables. I love Sprouts.

I spent entirely too long making these. I wish the export button for BodyMedia fit would allow more than 28 days at a time. I also just updated the old file I had. I probably have so many better ways of doing things now that I'm more proficient in excel. I just didn't feel like trying to change it all until I had some graphs updated but once a few were, I just did them all. I even have graphs that aren't on here or on my website. Numbers and data are my favorite things. I really wish in September, I didn't lose my desire for data. That is probably why I fell off the exercise wagon. Sometimes now I go running just to get more data. 
More graphs
I had to change the scale because I gained so much weight recently.
This is a little busy but you can see how recently I started burning a lot fewer calories.

I can't believe how good the first 8 months of 2012 were and then I just really fell off the wagon.