Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I made myself an egg for lunch. I failed. I'll just stick with Dave making them for me.   Poly and I hung out.
Airfarewatchdog seemed to have some good deals for flying to Pittsburgh so I was going to book a flight. I even called my parents to discuss dates. Then Dave wanted me to call him. I thought it was about picking a date but he said I had to find out about App Academy first and sign up so I couldn't book any flights. That really ruined my entire day.
Dave came home and brought me flowers and a cookie he made at work. He gave them to me saying he got them before he got mad at me. So we were both mad at each other. I was mad at him about yet again not being able to go visit Pittsburgh to visit my family and friends. He was mad at me because I didn't assume I'd get in to App Academy and that I wasn't excited about it.  So that sucked.
I cooked dinner. We watched TV. Nothing special.
On Dave's ride into work, he fell. He was using a new bag to hold his laptop. He also got off his bike to walk it across a busy intersection without a crosswalk. Well his leg tripped over the bag and he fell. It was right by the 2nd school on his way to the trail.

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