Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 8b of Half Marathon Training (2.4-2.10)

Previous Summaries

Planned Mileage: 5, 4, 4, 5 (for a total of 18 miles)

Monday: I walked home from Sprouts. 

Tuesday: I did a core workout. I ran to get pizza and walked home. It was probably about .35 miles. 

Wednesday: I took a rest day.

Thursday: I went for a 2 mile run. I didn't feel like running but I went anyway and decided just to do a short run. 

Friday:  I think I did a core workout but this might have been a different day. 

Saturday: I did weights for my legs and abs. 

Sunday:  I meant to run and ride a bike. Then I changed to just doing one of those. Then I did nothing. 

Total Running Mileage: 2.35 mi 

Total Biking Mileage: 0 mi
Total other things: a couple walks,  1 weight lifting, a few core workouts.

Summary: I ran so little. I was a huge slacker. I also was a slacker at all forms of working out which is why I decided to just redo week 8 instead of moving to week 9.


  1. Yes that was a low total for your miles. Good idea to redo week 8 again.

    1. The first half the month was so bad for me with running. This week wasn't so bad. My last set of data won't seem to transfer to the computer so I haven't been able to finalize my week 9 post.