Saturday, March 16, 2013

2.28 - Stampin' Up

Pants: VS, Shirt: Limited, Earrings: Target (new), Shoes: Famous Footwear
(These earrings are nice but if I turn my head while talking, I tend to hit myself in the teeth with them.)
I start off my day waking up early. I did hit snooze a bunch but anticipated that so set 4 alarms. Close to when I was going to get up, Poly decided it was time to nap on my chest.

I left and headed out the door to walk to my MRI. As I was leaving I was looking for my BodyMedia fit display. I couldn't find it. I start texting Dave about it and how I couldn't find it. I was already starting to hate my day thinking I lost it. I did think maybe it was on the pants I wore the last time I remember having it out at dinner, but then I was afraid I already washed those pants.
I was walking to get my MRI. I knew the address was 325 Mathlida. I get there and can't find it. After some investigation with Dave I realize it was 325 North Mathilda. So I continue on. Then I get to an overpass that has no sidewalk so I can't cross it. I have to walk blocks out of the way. I try to call the MRI place as I'm booking it but I'll be too late and they say I have to reschedule. I would have had to walk another mile or more. If I didn't double back 3 times trying to find the place initially and didn't walk 2 blocks extra before realizing I couldn't walk across the overpass, I might have only been 5 minutes late which wouldn't have been bad.   So now I have to go on Tuesday. At least this time I know where it is. I won't let Dave take the car to work. I thought it was so close. In advance I had typed in the incorrect address and saw it was only .6 miles away. Dave said I should have biked. I don't like biking on busy roads.

I walked to Target on my way home. I had a list so that trip wasn't so bad.  I was walking in a tank top and other people had on winter coats.
I got home and started looking up some stuff online and that was when I realized I forgot to pick up my inhaler prescription at Target so I guess that trip was also unsuccessful after all.

I played with Poly and made a huge mess while finishing to plan for my Stampin' Up party. I sat on the floor with Poly while I watched some TV too. Well Poly was in a bag of bags and I sat near her. She probably didn't care that I was there.  The floor got uncomfortable so I went into bed and watched the last 2 episodes of Freaks and Geeks. The second half of the season (also series since it was only 1 season long) was a lot better than the first half. They had me wanting more yet early on, I almost quit watching. The only reason I didn't was because there were only 18 episodes and so many sites said the show was awesome. Oh and because so many of the actors are in so many other things now that I enjoyed watching them when they were young.

At 4, I hopped to finishing to plan for my Stampin' Up Party.   I finished.  At 5, Dave got home and made me clean out the car with him. I left for Hilary's at 5:28 but I meant to leave earlier. Traffic was bad that it took 6 minutes to get to Hilary's.  Then it took 16 minutes (I think) to get to Sachi's even though the GPS said 4 minutes. There was just too much traffic.

There were supposed to be 5 people including me. After we ate dinner 2 more people showed up and I got asked if I had enough supplies. I managed to have enough but I couldn't finish the 2nd card. I couldn't believe I wasn't given a count for those 2 or that I managed to have enough supplies. I'm normally bad with names but with them I was really bad. Nobody had a name that I ever heard before so there was no way I'd remember any.  I even have them written down on door prize forms now and I still can't tell you what they are. (Poor hand writing and names that aren't common to me)

The party lasted 3 hours. I couldn't believe it.  I did sell some of my old retired stamp sets so that's good.  Two people wanted the same set. Sad times.   I hope a few people order. Three people are interested in classes for a fee so maybe I can schedule one of those and everyone could bring a friend so maybe I could make the time planning worth it.

After I got home, I couldn't stop looking through the Stampin' Up catalog.  Classes and parties always put me in the mood to stamp more.

Dave works with Sachi and started calling her"B" since her last name starts with B. I'm not sure how she likes it. He then told her she can call him PB. He told her this before but I guess she didn't do it.  She asked what PB stood for. She thought it was Protocol Buffer.
Dave: Most normal people think it's Peanut Butter
Sachi Well we aren't normal people
BTW PB stands for Polar Bear. I keep thinking about this conversation and just burst out laughing.  Who hears PB and doesn't think of Peanut Butter?

I spent a little time cropping pictures. I still have 14 draft posts that I have to populate with pictures.

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