Saturday, February 9, 2013

2.3 - Winchester Mansion

Sweater: Limited, Jeans: JCP, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Boots: DSW
Purse: JCP, Jacket: Armani Exchange
I woke up early to Dave waking me up telling me the power supply died on Shady. Shady is our computer that we record TV on and that the internet goes through.  We were internet-less for ages. (OK maybe just a few hours.) Stores don't open early enough on a Sunday.  It was a bit awkward to get to the computer because it is in our office which is also where our house guests are sleeping. Also the computer is under a table so it makes it all the more awkward.   I went and bought food to cook breakfast. Dave made hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, and toast. I wanted to show Brie Daily Donuts but we didn't do that. I did debate both but thought that might be too much food.  Brie said I could pick but I felt like she was more excited about a cooked breakfast so I went with that. Plus Daily Donuts is further away so it would have taken more time to walk there. By the time we were done eating we could go to Best Buy to buy a power supply. But we didn't go right away.
We went to the Winchester Mansion and had their tour  It was pretty chilly inside the mansion. It was quite unique. Too bad we couldn't take pictures in the place.  I never really did research on it so I didn't know what to expect.  The stairs to nowhere and the doors to nowhere were interesting. Windows that overlooked other rooms in the house were also cool.  The basement was kind of fun to tour too. Seeing earthquake damage was interesting. (Or seeing a lack of a lot of earthquake damage).    We went to Best Buy on our way home.
Poly was helping fix the computer. She managed to turn off the power strip when she was helping. We didn't want her to do that though.

For dinner we went to Sprouts and bought ingredients.  I bought food for dinner plus a few other things for $30.  We made chicken, cheese burgers, roasted potatoes, and mixed vegetables.  Dave, Brie, and I walked over. Brie also bought $3 wine.  I would have picked chicken or burgers but Dave suggested both so we did both.  I made all 5 lbs of potatoes and think we only ate half.  We had cut up cantaloupe for dessert or maybe for post dinner snack.  Boy does it take me forever to cut a cantaloupe. I hadn't cut one in so long so I was a little rusty.  

We watched the second half of the Super Bowl. We had forgotten about it so by the time Dave remembered it was halftime.   We watched Property Brothers before and after.

Property Brothers is a good show. I set it up to tape so I'd have some shows to watch while I wanted to half nap or something, but then the show ended up so good that I set it up to tape 1 episode a day.  I think everyone was glad I set it up to tape. That show gave us something to talk about. Real shows would have been harder to watch because we would have been at different spots in shows and other shows you can't really talk through.


  1. It was a good day!

    I really would have had either donuts or cooked breakfast. Breakfast at all is abnormal for me! :)

    It was good to have something to watch that we could talk with, too.

    And btw, thanks again for hosting us and giving us foooood. The food was all awesome!

    1. Breakfast is just weird in general. Some days I have breakfast foods for dinner just so I can eat some breakfast foods.

      No problem. Any time.