Saturday, August 24, 2013

22 Weeks (August 24)

I know some of the lists of things to describe for pregnant women on blogs includes stretch marks or wedding rings on and off. I haven't mentioned those yet. I don't have stretch marks yet. I have purchased cocoa butter to use. The directions say to use it 3 times a day. I probably use it every other day.  I am also still wearing my wedding rings but even before I was pregnant if my fingers were swelling then I would take them off.

My mom mentioned that you can't tell I'm glowing in different pictures I post but that she could tell via a google hangout. I really have no idea the difference so I'm not sure.

I think I actually have "some time" this weekend so maybe I'll get to add some stuff to my registry.

Size of baby: Papaya, 10.9 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 12.25 oz.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  5.1 lb gain overall. I gained 0.4 in the past week. The doctor mentioned I should be gaining .5-1 lb a week. A few weeks ago I was way above that. But I'm still low overall since I lost early. Between doctor appointments I gained 8 lbs and she commented that in 5 weeks I shouldn't have gained 8 lbs but she made no mention of how earlier in the pregnancy I lost weight and should make up for that at some point.  Well this was with the Physician's Assistant not my real doctor. In 3 weeks I'll be at the dr again since the appointments should be every 4 weeks and I'll see what reaction I get then.  (Update: 2 hours later but before I ate, I weighed myself again and it was a lb or so higher. I got off before it stopped moving so I wouldn't get confused later by multiple numbers.)

Maternity Clothes:  I wore maternity clothes everyday during the week but on the weekend I did not. On Sunday I wore a dress from pre-pregnancy and on Sunday I wore a skirt from before.  I think I could wear some older tops but they might stretch so I don't want to.

Gender: Girl!

Movement: I felt movement a few more times this week than in the past. I noticed feeling the kicks a lot more on days I wasn't so super busy at Dev Bootcamp. 

Sleep: This is about the same as it has been. Dev Bootcamp related to lack of sleep not baby related. But I'm more exhausted from this baby. For the past 7 days my sleep efficiency has been 91% according to BodyMedia fit. 

What I miss: Same as the last 2 weeks. I do also kind of miss lunch meat. I barely had any for the first year of living here but lunch meat would be super nice when I'm at DBC all the time.  

Being able to go almost all day without having to go to the bathroom. I'm not liking this every couple hours thing.

Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: I haven't really noticed any this week but I do know that I will end up lightheaded on Monday when we have to stand at dry erase boards for so long. 

Best moment this week:  I'm not even sure. 

Looking forward to:  Same as last week. I guess I should start being excited about more stuff. 

Last week:  Same as last week (next paragraph) + seeing what Dave does to the nursery. Apparently he's setting it all up and I don't get a say. I wonder what colors he's even using. I do know what the crib will be and that's it.
Getting more sleep. But I probably should have something else that I'm looking forward to, too. 

Exercise:  I ended up walking to the train station Monday morning based on my awful morning. Then I got a ride home so I didn't exercise in the evening.  Tuesday I biked in the morning, walked to the train station from DBC, and then biked home.  Wednesday I biked to the train station, got a ride to google later, walked partially home from google, then rode my bike home from the train station. Thursday and Friday were the same as Tuesday.  The bike rides are only biking about 7 minutes.  There are lights involved so it takes a little longer but it's still some form of exercise. Walking to the train station takes around 25 minutes. It's all light dependent and I feel like most of my time is spent waiting for walk signals. According to google maps it is 1.4 miles and should take 28 minutes. I often start walking before I put on strava but then also the distance is always messed up on strava so the pace is off.  So I am exercising based on my commute. I don't know if that's as much as they suggest I do or less or more it's just what I do to avoid the bus and avoid annoyingness of driving.  I haven't been to yoga in awhile and haven't gone to a gym to lift weights in even longer.  I really would like to get a real workout in and not a commute at some point. It's a lot harder to walk in flats that are dress shoes or harder to walk and bike with a bag that always moves around.  Also my arm muscles are all but disappeared from going so long without doing much of anything. I wonder if I could even do a pushup anymore. 
Oh the other day I thought I had a particularly fast ride home so I wanted to compare my stats and then learned that strava doesn't provide any because it lists the commute home as dangerous. I always say it's dangerous and I'm afraid I'm going to get hit by cars on multiple occasions but I didn't figure strava would think the same thing.
some other angles that aren't just the side profile


  1. Seems like your leg muscles are better than the earlier week ones.

    1. Now I'm here trying to analyze it and it's hard to tell but it could be all the biking. Week 21 my legs look so pale it's so hard to look at the rest of the collage.

  2. You're looking so great! Not sure why the PA told you that +8lbs total wasn't appropriate, considering you'd lost in the beginning. I think she was misinformed. Or uninformed about your prior weight loss. I didn't have cravings with my first pregnancy. I wanted pineapple and watermelon with my second, but I don't know if that's because I actually craved it, hormonally, or if it's because I was pregnant in the summertime and wanted summer foods, anyway. :)

    1. She made a comment that even if you lose early on you should only gain .5-1 lb a week which to me seemed like an odd statement because if you lose early shouldn't you make up for that at some point? Oh well in 3 ish weeks I go back and this time with my regular doctor and also without the stress of DBC so I might have more questions and get more information.