Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 14 - Dev Bootcamp (Phase 1, Week 3, Day 4)

6:05 - Alarm went off and I hit snooze
6:09 - Second alarm went off and I hit snooze again.
6:11 - I finally get out of bed. Poly was even so tired she just moved her paw instead of getting up to get ready with me.
6:30 - I leave for train station (decide to walk because I didn't feel like dreading the bike ride home at the end of the day.
6:48 - Arrive at train station
6:57 - Get on train
7:42 - Train arrives in SF. walk to bus stop. wait a bit for it to leave
8:10 - Arrive at DBC. eat cereal and work on my computer. Get asked to do Qi Gong but declined
8:50 - Met with 1 out of 3 people in my accountability group. I think the others were busy doing something else even though they shouldn't have been.

9:00 - Start for the day with some discussion on how the overall day will go. Short phase 1 group discussion then broke into our paring groups.
9:30 - Starting the day's assignments. We were working in Active Record for the second day. Active Record is pretty cool but then the problems are a little more involved so they take a lot longer.
12:20 - Broke off to set up for my Phase 1 assessment. I needed to go in and open files to be ready. It took 10 minutes. My assessment was to start at 12:30.

12:35 - Assessment started. Boy was I nervous. I don't know why since I feel confident in the material. I just always get nervous. I also think the fact that I was in the last time slot of the day just gave me more time to be nervous. I was less nervous in the morning but as people showed up, they talked about being so nervous and I thought they really knew their stuff. So the more people that were nervous and voicing that the more nervous I got. But also around 9:30 or so I was thinking how I wasn't nearly as nervous as I expected and that made me more nervous.

1:05 - Assessment complete and lunch time. I had leftover Jersey Mike's. It's shocking how many people make a comment on the cheesesteak. It took me a full hour to eat the 6" hoagie because I was so busy talking to people and answering their questions on how my assessment was.

2:00 - We met back up with our groups to continue working on what we started in the morning. Well it should have been a pair but I was in a group of 3 because our cohort has an odd number.  We were all so exhausted that  around 3:00, you could just tell how our productivity dropped.

3:50 - We moved from our computers to listen to the Phase 3 Demos. There were 5 groups. I was very impressed with all the projects and couldn't believe they all accomplished them within a week. There were some employers there. It was a big deal.

5:10 - Back to our groups
6:10 - We finish the first of 2 core problems for the day. We decide not to start problem 2 as a group. We have some food that was there for the demos (since it's a big deal)

6:50 - Left DBC and walked to the train station. There were far too many smokers today. I had difficulty breathing.

7:20 - arrived to station
7:30 - Train departed.  Instead of working on the train, I just talked to Dave via google hangout. I'm so behind on work that I should have worked. I'm also so tired that I should have slept. It is really taking it's toll on me getting so little sleep. But at least I'm good at sleeping on the train when I actually try. In the morning I woke up when we arrived at the train station (well when we slowed down to turn right at it) and realized that someone was sitting beside me. I wondered how long she had been there.
8:40 - Get off Train
8:50 - Get home. Talk to my husband. Poly greeted me but instead of hanging out with me she hung out on my bag! Get leftovers to eat. Watch a fun video with him (per his request). And yes in our house a 6 minute video on sorting is what we consider fun.  After 40 minutes. I only ate one slide of pizza. Being so tired sucks.  As soon as I finish this second slice I'm going to try to to go sleep....early.
9:40 - Crop 1 days worth of daily picture then head to bed.

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