Friday, August 30, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Phase 3 Week 1

I haven't been posting much this week. I've been so tired. I was fighting getting sick then got sick. A stomach bug has been going around class. The worst part for me is that I can't take medicines I normally would for it. Then I'm eating less and have been super lightheaded.  I even missed class yesterday.  Don't think it was all fun and games. I pretty much couldn't even move from one position on the couch. When I tried to get up to get crackers I was in agony again for a good hour. If I didn't move for a long time then I almost felt not super awful.

Week 1  of Phase 3 has been intense. We learned rails on Monday. Then Tuesday we learned Testing. Then Wednesday we learned testing within Rails.  It was a lot. It was actually really overwhelming. There was a lot of googling.  But now I feel like I'm getting somewhere and learning. I did watch some screen flows and look at some tutorials yesterday when I wasn't dead and those were helpful.

I learned a few new gems along the way too.

Testing then writing code then improving code is tricky to get used to.

I might write a better summary later when I'm not in a constant state of wanting to pass out. Also my stomach doesn't like the bumpy train ride.

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