Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Week 2

I really need to start remembering to post my files I start typing in text files so this is a week late!

Week 2 was less stressful than week 1. I believe the workload was more. I knew the material less. Yet I was stressed less.  I even really struggled on Tuesday with an assignment.  I even tried to redo it after I solved it and still struggled. The rest of the week built off of Tuesday and I was fine with that. Maybe Tuesday's problem just hated me!

I was a lot more tired the first week than the second week. 

Travel was awful. Also I started the week off sick. Each day something negative happened on the bus or train. Mainly the bus on the way home. That is the worst.  Wednesday's bus trip was worse than the other days that they don't seem so bad though.  

I was sitting on the bus by the window. Someone was too my left. So the aisle was to the left of that person.  I was on the bench right behind the door in the middle of the bus.  Now everything happened so fast.  I was using my phone to send messages to my mom via google hangout.  Now I'm  typing with 2 thumbs so both hands are on the phone. Then at a stop I feel this hand on my hands/phone. I have a nail mark in my hand. It all happened so fast.  He didn't get my phone but tried. He tried to swipe it as he was getting off the bus. The lady beside me reacted by moving her head and arms weird but she was mentally and physically handicapped.  Nobody else reacted in any way. Nobody probably noticed.  I saw him as he finished walking down the steps and off the bus. He shook his head. He had failed at thievery.  So he had his hood up on his jacket. And had the hood tied so all you could see were his eyes and like a half inch around them.  He was trying not to be recognized if he got my phone and I filed a police report.  There was no way I could ID him. My description would be that he wasn't that tall and wasn't fat. I was sitting and he seemed average. How vague is that. I could tell he was black but that's still too vague. It's crazy how fast stuff happens. I guess I seemed like an easy target being by the door and having someone beside me with a suitcase blocking the way so I couldn't get out quickly even if I wanted to. But he didn't know I keep a death grip on all my possessions because I'm always afraid they will jump out of my hands. 


  1. Wow I can't believe someone tried to steal your phone!

    I wonder if you're more comfortable because at least now you know what dbc is about and what to expect. I usually am more nervous about the unknown than something that might be hard but at least expected. If that makes any sense. ;)

    1. I also think I was less stressed because I wasn't as worried about being the only one who didn't know material since almost all of us didn't. And I wasn't as worried about actually finishing the assignments since I learned nobody looks at them.