Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Week 3

Week 3 was awesome because I really liked SQL. Then I heard we won't use it. Active Record was totally new and tricky to get used to but I liked it too. I liked it but we were all so much slower with our assignments so the fact that I had to leave by 8 meant I was far from getting all the assignments done. But I wasn't so concerned with completing the numbers if I understood what I was doing. I hope I remember though. The extra problems really help with reinforcement. The more I use something the easier it is to remember.

Week 3 ended with graduation and then a graduation party. I left at 8 but it was still going on. The party was offsite.

Week 3 is the end of Phase 1. Phase 2 prep starts almost immediately. I wish I actually had the prep earlier since there is so much reading that it'd have been nice to be able to do that on the train if I wasn't sleeping.

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