Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pregnancy Collages: September

I posted July and August so why not September. (Well and prior to July)

I'm always shocked how pregnant I look each day compared to before but all these look so similar. Comparing 1 day to the next looks too similar so I decided to compare the first of each month and put that collage at the bottom.

On July 1, I weighed 133.3.
On July 13, I weighed 136.
On July 31, I weighed 138.
On August 1, I weighed 138.
On August 13, I weighed 139.6.
On August 31, I weighed 142.3. (Well and 142.4 and 142.1)
On September 15, I weighed 147.
On September 30, I weighed 155.1.   (includes weight of super swollen ankles from the blood pooling. pic at end of post)

I'm really packing on the pounds now. I began my third trimester (week 27) on September 28. My October collage might not be as fun since I don't leave the house so only take pictures every few days.
swollen ankle
They actually got worse but I didn't get a good picture.
The swelling did go down after about 2 days when I finally got to elevate. It's pretty hard to even tell in the picture how swollen. I feel like they were much worse than the picture shows.


  1. You look great! Don't worry about the weight gain so much. You're doing fine. I gained WAY more than you.

    1. According to the dr i gained 10 lbs in 3 weeks (appointments were 3 weeks apart). They would have liked that number to be 3 but didn't say that again this time. But she mentioned she only wants it to be 10 more lbs for the rest of pregnancy!

    2. I'm really shocked at how much emphasis your OB puts on weight gain. I gained 80 pounds, and not once did they make a single comment. In fact I even had to bring it up. And even then they didn't act concerned. They just said some people gain more than others. I think 30 to 40 pounds is a healthy normal amount to gain. And you're right on track. You started out in great shape, too. So I just don't get why your doctor is so obsessed with your weight gain. I would not listen to a thing they said about it! Don't worry.

    3. I don't think she would have mentioned it at all but the last thing I asked was related in some way so then she jumped over to weight. But my first dr appointment with er was after I lost a few lbs so the ewight gain per the chart she has actually shows higher gain than in real life. My app says for 29 weeks the weight gain range is 15-22 lbs and I'm at 20.9 as of today. But I am gaining at a much higher rate than "normal" more recently. we will have to see how it goes.

  2. You and I can go walking while you're here. I say that now, but you know how that goes.