Thursday, November 21, 2013

From Behind

I've been told that I don't look pregnant from behind. I've been told this recently but more so a month or more ago. I can tell that I am from behind.  I decided to dig through some weekly photos to try to find some that I took of myself form behind.  Granted I never thought I'd share these so my shirt will be messed up or my  hair or I'm slightly moving.

If you look at 11-17 by itself, I almost don't look pregnant. I just don't look like I have much of a waist. But compare that to 4-26 and you can see a big difference.

This is probably a weird post to share. It's almost like "look at a billion pictures of my butt."  My butt is also bigger but I was mainly analyzing my waist area.

Now I'm wishing I took better weekly photos from behind.  I also kind of wish I took a single measurement around the largest part of my belly so I had some sort of numbers to compare.

I keep analyzing these pictures. You can see my legs are bigger too. I'm not so sure about my arms. I can't tell.

Would you ever share something like this? Have you?

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