Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Outfits (Nov 16-30)

11/22 (athletic pants first. jeans later but didn't get a real pic in jeans)
11/25 (it got hot so only wore the cardigan a little)
I felt like these leggings weren't so bright green in person. They are more of a moss. Oh well.
11/28 (2nd outfit was after I had on PJs but then we decided to go shopping so I half got dressed)
I finally wore the shirt Dave liked the best that Jen lent me. It is a bit dressy and I don't really do anything that requires dressy. I decided to wear it for Thanksgiving.
I'm still bummed that I bought leggings but don't have tunics to wear so I can't actually wear them. I'm even more bummed because my jeans suck. The Old Navy ones aren't bad the first 2 times I wear them but after that they stretch out and fall down. The crotch ends up far too low. And I don't do laundry every 3 days so I wear them more than twice.  I don't stay in people clothes all day either. So wearing them twice might only equal 10 hours if I'm wearing them a long time each day.

I forgot about that cardigan I wore on the 25th. It was huge at first but then it got put in my closet between regular clothes so I missed it.  I like it but it's so hot around here that I didn't even make it 2 hours before I took it off.

I think I still have 2 sweaters Jen lent me that I never wore. I also have 2 other black shirts that I haven't worn. I think I wore everything else.  It's so hot for sweaters but maybe if I leave the house before 9 am, I'll be able to wear one.  I left the house early on 11/24 which is why I wore a sweater. I'm not a huge fan of the color of that one because it just looks too close to my skin tone.

Are you getting sick of the same outfits and clothes?  I'm not and I thought I would.

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