Friday, December 27, 2013

Photo of the Day: 7.1.10

I bought a Nike+ a few years ago and used it just a couple times. (I hated the thing. It was too inaccurate. I gave it away.) But when I did use it, Poly sure liked to follow the little runner go across the screen. Isn't Poly cute?

You can see my eye-fi card automatically uploading photos in the corner. I sure miss that. With my current setup it only does that when I plug in the card to my computer. This house just doesn't like to work for the wireless upload so much. I'm not sure what the deal is but at least I can just plug in a memory card and it uploads to the proper folders and whatnot.   This was also back in the day when I only had 1 monitor and it was probably 2 sizes ago from what I'm currently using.


  1. How's Poly reacting to the baby?

    1. alright. it took her awhile to even figure out that there was something else. when i nurse at night i close the nursery door so that when i leave i don't worry about poly being in there. last night i was taking too long so poly woke up and cried by the door then woke dave up crying. everything was ok. i was just cuddling after nursing and fell asleep. but poly woke dave up so he came to check on me/us.

      She did go into hunting mode the first time she noticed her on the changing table. she was up on her ledge that she uses to look out the window.