Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nursery Reveal

I've been asked what our nursery looks like. And I always say it's not done. I doubt it will be done so I might as well post some information.
When you first walk in you see this big ugly chair and a crib behind it. That's an extra desk chair. We decided to leave it in there so 2 people can actually sit. Between the crib and the closet entry way, we'd like a small accent table. We just haven't found one we like.  The video camera is plugged in to an outlet there and a clock that is currently sitting on the floor is also plugged in there.

Above the crib we have wood letters with the baby's name. I figured I didn't want this post to be the reveal so I used photoshop to remove them.

Behind the door when you enter is a closet. There are some clothes in there but not many. There are a lot of diapers in there. Then there's scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies that I guess should be moved at some point.  I don't have a picture of the closet since I cleaned half the junk out.
I do have this picture of Poly that shows the closet doors closed.  I closed them after I cleaned up in there.
Now if you want to see the entire back wall you can see that the glider and ottoman take up a lot of room. There is another closet back there. It's a huge closet. It's full of my clothes, our winter coats from PA, sewing stuff, craft stuff, a vacuum, a 42" TV in a box, some computer in a box, a huge container of cords and wires, and some other boxes.  Clearly we haven't touched in there.

Oh you see that ceiling fan and light. The light sort of works if you are super tall and can pull the string out horizontally (which means I can't do it but Dave can).  The landlord was going to come back to fix it after he fixed our sink but he got shingles so he's stayed away. The fan part is very dangerous. I can turn it on but it is not secure and wobbles like crazy. It is too dangerous to use as is. The landlord was going to fix that too  I think but with shingles he's not supposed to be around someone pregnant.  The light switch in the room doesn't work the ceiling fan/light anyway. They work another lamp.
Then we have the wall with the window. We need other curtains. I want black out curtains but we're lazy bums and never buy anything. We'll need a new rod with whatever we put up because this doesn't work so well as it is.

Those built in shelves were already there when we moved in.  We did paint them when we painted the room. Right behind the arm of the glider is a toy box. In the toy box I have a bunch of the bags and stuff that all the baby stuff came in. I also have a shoe box with paperwork. The rest is empty.
The right portion of the shelves has a bunch of stuff that I might move later.  The top shelf has Poly's afghan my mom made since she loves sleeping on it. I opened the window for her before I took these pictures so she's in the window versus on her blanket. Beside the blanket are all our books. I put 2 stuffed animals there as book ends. The bear on the right Dave actually bought for me when I had knee surgery back in 2009.

Then the shelf below it has the scale that we will pull out to use or put somewhere else. Too bad this baby scale doesn't automatically go to the internet like the scale I use. (Poly weighs 8 lbs 14 oz if you were curious.) Then there's a picture of Poly that will go on the wall but we haven't put it up yet.  Then the bin to the right of that has some stuffed animals and rattles in it.  The green bin to the right of that has our baby carrier, these other things that you can use to make a stroller or car seat fit a smaller kid. I forget what they are called. And then it has a blanket sort of on top.

The plastic drawer set has extra sheets in the top drawer and then nothing. Our diaper bag is currently leaning against it but that is also empty. The brown basket is actually a laundry basket. Then we have a garbage can and the diaper genie. Everything else in the corner is more for an older kid or we didn't unpack it yet.
 Then the wall that shares the entrance door. I hung up some onesies. The top row is 18 months and 12 months I think. I hung them up by size. They were all made at the shower.  The bottom row is 3-6 months. I decided to hang up some colorful ones so that's why there's the jump. There are many more I wanted to hang and put them over the closet door or something but Dave said no that it was too many. He said I can rotate out different onesies in these strings.

That lamp is just an old lamp we were going to throw away a couple times then ended up moving with it. We want to buy a new lamp but have not yet.  This is the lamp that the light switch works.  You can also see the changing table and diaper stuff on top of the dresser.
Here you can sort of see that we are missing an outlet cover. We bought some childproof kind that are fancy and then nothing stays in the outlet so we have to return those. So now everything is exposed. (Yes this was a picture of Poly that I'm using to show you other stuff. But that orange shoe box is now in the toy box.)

We have a bouncer, a swing, and a play mat that are currently in random rooms. We aren't sure where we'll want them.

The dresser has 8 drawers. I'd say 4 are organized. I'm not sure how I'm going to want things. I know when I moved into my dorm room each year, I'd organize my drawers then a few weeks later reorganize them to a way I'd like them better. I have a feeling this will happen. Currently the middle drawer on the left  is full of 0-3 month clothes.  The top left has 0-3 month clothes, newborn clothes, and socks. There's a little drawer of blankets and burp clothes. Plus more blankets and some bigger clothes in another drawer. Some much larger clothes and different random things are in the bottom 2 drawers.  Maybe sometime I'll open the drawers to take pictures but I have a feeling things will get moved around.
Oh the walls were some sort of off-white/yellow and Dave and his coworkers painted them back in September. It's supposed to be peach but in person it looks like light pink. At least light pink works so then we picked sheet colors and stuff that would go with light pink (well and peach).

We want to hang up more on the walls and haven't. It took us a few years to hang up artwork on our walls when we built our house in 2008. We aren't good at this game.

So there you have it. Things will probably change. I may or may not remember to update about it.  What do you think?
I wrote this up then went out to dinner and since we got to the plaza about 10 minutes early Dave decided to go into TJ Max to see if they had an accent table. He sent me pictures of 2. I told him I didn't like either. He bought one of them and here it is.  In the picture he sent me it looked brown not green.


  1. Looks nice! I really like the wall color and I love that ceiling. It makes the room feel so much bigger. It's funny that paint is supposed to be peach. It is definitely pink. Luckily you are having a girl. I really like the furniture you guys chose. That dresser/changing table will be something you can use for years because it can just be a dresser once she's potty trained. We ended up having to replace our changing table with a dresser so live and learn. The onesies look so cute on the wall. I like the added colored ones.

    1. I like the ceiling better in the hall and the office where it is still wood versus painted. It's some weird color that is yellow-ish. None of our rooms have straight ceilings. We also don't have an attic.

      We knew we didn't want just a changing table plus those are too low to the ground. That furniture is from Ikea that is the same style as our favorite piece of furniture we added to our master bedroom.

      I feel like the room is poorly laid out with all the closets and then an entire wall of built in shelves. When a kid is older they want furniture to store things not a toybox and shelf unit. I've purchased more colorful ones in that size since I hung them up but I decided not to move things yet. I like that the top row was made entirely at the shower. I've made so many but I don't need to show off mine. I actually should swap some out from the other row so it's not just mine and Dave's. I do like those colors of onesies though.