Thursday, March 13, 2014

2.18 - Doctor

Ella went to a doctor appointment.  It was her 2 month well visit. It was scheduled for 8:40. They called us back at 9. There was so much delay between the nurse and the doctor and the doctors and the shots that it was an hour and a half of being there before she even got her shots. Ella was a super pleasant happy baby for 1:25 minutes of the time there. Then she was crying and wanted to be swaddled and to go to sleep. She was crying before the shots and then REALLY crying as she got them.  She got 3 shots plus 1 medicine she had to swallow.

The nurses commented how long she was.  The doctor was super impressed with her head control. The nurse said she would get the box marked for adorable if there was one.

After we got home Ella napped. She kept crying in her sleep for a second here or there. Then when she woke up she was not happy. She cried or whimpered. Then she went back to sleep and was back to crying here or there.

Apparently I already posted about February 18th but forgot I had this started in my draft posts. Instead of adding this to that post, I'll just left it separate.


  1. I always dreaded doctor appointments because of the shots. It just sucks seeing your baby in pain.

    1. I know. And prior to the shots through most of he appointment she was so pleasant.