Friday, March 14, 2014


I was showing my mom how one of the hats she made Ella fit her so well.
I can't get over how cute Ella is during tummy time sometimes.
Look how high up she is.
Then she is pushing up on her right side. What a big girl.  Then she rolled over!!!
It was really 2 months and 1 day but I took some pictures in daylight.
I already posted some of these on her 2 month update.

My mom tried one one of Ella's new outfits. They are size 6 months. The shirt is huge and the pants fit. They were even sold as an outfit.  I think Ella should have an outfit calendar like I used to have.  It's just amazing how she's grown. Also I would like people to see pictures of her in clothes they bought her.  Sometimes she gets on an outfit and I have to change it 30 minutes later because of poop or pee. Even with taking 300 pictures in a day sometimes, I still miss outfits. (Sometimes she goes 1.5 days in an outfit and I only change it because she wore it so long.)
Dave ws trying to do his back exercises and he wasn't left alone!
Ella isn't the only one to use her play mat.


  1. I love that little hat on her. The clothing sizing thing always drove me nuts. Especially since Parker was in the 99th percentile so he was always wearing clothing meant for kids twice his age. He's still in a 4 or 5T (meant for 4 or 5 year olds) at not even age 3.

    1. Ella will still fit into a newborn size onesie she has if it wasn't long sleeve she'd be wearing it. Some 0-3 month stuff is bigger than other 3-6 months. For now I'm OK because I can keep checking bigger stuff. Later when she is bigger and I buy I will have to be more careful.

      Right now Ella is in the upper 90th percentile for height but nowhere even close for weight. I haven't done stats in about a week so I didn't give exact numbers.

      That is my favorite hat my mom made. I just never know how to match it.

  2. Those hats are so quick to make. I made her a pink one and a solid white one while I was there. Thank you, Colleen, for cropping me out of the picture. Ella is the one we want to see—certainly not me.

    1. I took that picture zoomed in knowing you wouldn't like to see yourself! I have some other ones that show you if you are interested. Maybe in 10 years you'll be sad you weren't in pictures which is why I took both kinds. I was surprised how quick those hats were to make. Too bad it's hot now and getting hotter.