Friday, March 28, 2014

Onesies with Templates

Before I posted some tutorials for making onesies and just showed some that I created. I didn't post any of the specific things I used though. I figured I'd show some onesies, and a pdf file of some of what I traced. (Most of what is in the PDF file is in the picture above.)

I also have some updates.  The freezer paper method washes well but gets some cracks since the shirts stretch. The paint on a stamped image fades a bit. The sharpie smears a lot and bleeds when it is washed. Be careful. I would recommend fabric markers instead of sharpie if at all possible.

Ones with a lot of small pieces are hard to iron on so I didn't even put all the insides of the letters for the Dad's a nerd one. I cut them all out but just didn't iron them.

On the file the shoe was crisper until I started messing with it.  When you trace it, the lines aren't jagged. I did the laces a little different but they'd take 10 minutes to iron down so I think this might be a better way.
I was only making this file with ones that Ella has already worn but Blogger and Rebel Alliance ones are still too big. Instead of deleting them from the PDF I'll just leave them.

The onesies above are 0-3 months or 3-6 months Disney onesies. The Muggle Born one is a 3-9 month Gerber onesie. Those are all that Ella has worn. She has worn them a few times but I only included a few pictures.

The purple superman was freehand painted. See how it's not nearly as nice as the red ones that were done with freezer paper. For the to-do list, the list was traced with sharpie and the bike was done with freezer paper.

I hope you enjoy. If you ever make any onesies let me know.

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