Sunday, July 13, 2014

5.28 and 5.29

You'll see by the end why these are joined together.
The day started off doing all the same stuff as always.
I ended up having to give Ella pumped milk from a cup because she was teething so bad.

Ella woke up form her nap and was just having a blast kicking away. I enjoy when she wakes up and is all happy. It is always more fun to discover she's awake before the crying starts.
Ella had a lot of fun playing. I took about a million pictures of her rolling all over the floor.
While I was putting laundry away, Ella decided my pile of shorts shouldn't be stacked up. But she was so cute doing it.
We left for the airport at 8:35 and arrived at 9. Dave just dropped us off so it was a quick goodbye. I didn't even get any pictures that weren't blurry.  

I was through security at 9:28.  At the airport I tended to push the stroller with my right hand and stand beside it so that Ella could see me. She seemed happier that way and I did not want to get her upset before a long flight. 
At 9:42, I was at the gate with Ella and nursing using a cover. There were so many distractions that she was even still distracted under a cover. In the picture above she sure moved that cover out of the way.  I found a spot with a few seats together facing the windows and there was a big column to my left. So we didn't have as many distractions as we could have had. There was also an empty seat to my right.  I nursed, I hung out with Ella, I put blankets on the floor and let her play, I changed her diaper, and I nursed again all before we boarded.


I got in line to board when they called my boarding group and someone told me since I had Ella I should have boarded early. I specifically listened and they did not mention people with small children. Only the handicap got to board first.
At 10:44, we were done boarding and the door was closed.  There was an empty seat to my left which was really nice. There was a dad with his baby on the aisle seat. Initially they said you cannot have 2 babies in 1 row because there are only 4 air masks per row not 5. They were asking me to move and then I would have had to sit beside someone. I was not liking that. To top it off, the dad in my row was actually traveling with his wife. They had twins. The mom and other baby already had an entire row to themselves. Once we learned nobody was sitting between us I asked if it was OK then to stay because then only 4 masks necessary. She had to go ask and I was allowed to stay. The guy claimed the middle seat for his kid. He put her to sleep and she was lying on the seat. So this family paid for 2 seats and got 5. I paid for 1 and got 1. The little girl would move her arms in her sleep and they'd hit my leg and hit Ella's feet. I didn't like that so much. The mom put the baby to sleep on an end seat and then lied down and had her legs kind of around so the baby was in a nest made with the legs.  These people never followed the rules. They'd come on the loud speaker multiple times saying to fasten seat belts and put seats in the upright position because of these people. The guy would get up and go to the bathroom or something fairly often and just leave his child on the seat. That bothered me. Once she was awake and started to roll but I stopped her from rolling off the seat. I'm getting ahead of myself, back to the flight.
We took off at 11:14. 
My ears bothered me at 11:20. Ella gave a little whine at the same point that mine bothered me. 
Ella started crying at 11:52. I knew this was from teething. She had been teething bad. I even took pumped milk with me because at home she wouldn't nurse because of the pain. I gave her Tylenol at 11:58. She cried at 12:11. She was much happier and squealing at 12:17.  She fell asleep at 12:24
At 12:47, my arm fell asleep holding her. She was asleep on me so I didn't want to move. 
I slept until 1:53 when Ella woke me up. She was still asleep but moving.  I read on my iphone. 
At 3:15, we start our descent. The announcements woke Ella up and I nursed her to help with her ears. She ate and then fell back to sleep by 3:30.
3:41 AM
We landed at 3:40 (so really 6:40). We were at the gate at 6:45. 
The pilot said we would be in the air 4:26 and based on my notes that's what we were.  I slept about an hour total.  Ella slept about 3.5 hours of the flight. I didn't take more pictures throughout the flight because it was so dark so people could sleep.  I did change Ella's diaper once. There was no changing table so I had to put her on the top of the toilet. That wasn't so fun for either of us.
3:46 AM / 6:46
3:46 AM
Once we landed I sent my mom messages to update her. Everything went better than I expected. I forgot my iPad or lost it and still wasn't worried. I ran back in the house to get that and the charger. I had the charge but no iPad. (After I got home I asked Dave to check. After 2 days he got back to me that it was in the trunk.)
3:58 AM / 6:58 AM (on the tram)
We saw my dad a little after 7. He met me just outside of security. That's when I learned my mom wasn't there. Also my mom hadn't even updated him about landing and such.  We headed to pick up my checked suitcase.  The broken wheel got more broken. I took my dad's old broken one that he gave us on the last trip just in case I didn't want to deal with a checked bag and wanted to ship my stuff back.

So now it's morning, I only had 1 hour of sleep, and I had a full day ahead of me. 
Ella slept in the car on the way home. I tried to but kept talking.  I think it took over an hour to get home. There was some rush hour traffic, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. 

The day is a blur at my parents' house. I know Ella and I napped and I woke up and nobody was home. My parents went to go pick Mike up from the bus station. While Everyone was gone I was playing with Ella on my bed and she pooped and it was a big mess and I had to wash the sheets. Ella had toys to play with because my Aunt brought some over. Ella loved the duck. In the evening my aunt visited to bring some more things over for us to borrow. I was glad to finally have the boppy.  Below are some pictures from the day. Only some of them. I took a lot more and also many ended up blurry. They are also out of order. Having 2 of 3 cameras with the correct time and the third with a time 3 hours off messed things up but also loading some onto my laptop messed up the upload times too. 
My 1 hour of sleep on the plane plus 2 hour nap were clearly not enough. 

Many people in my family hate pictures so I hope they aren't mad I put pictures up.  There are more pictures (May 28 and 29). So many pictures are in the album twice for some odd reason but I haven't had time to fix it up.


  1. I'm so glad you're starting to catch up and post from your trip. But wow I see now why you were saying this was going to be annoying. Lots of pictures, lots of details, lots of stuff going on.

    Ella looks adorable on the flight. I know it was annoying, the other family, but I'm glad that it seemed like for the most part the flight went well for you!

    1. I really wish I would have typed some as it happened. It's also harder because the picture times are wrong and twice. So annoying. This post took a few hours to write. And I left things out. I hate notes on my phone for airport times so I knew that easy.

  2. I'm glad the flight went well despite the annoying family. I am surprised at lack of changing table on the plane. That doesn't seem fair.

    1. Certain planes have them and certain ones don't. I looked it up before I left so I knew I wouldn't have one. The flight back did have one though. But it is not fair!